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October 20, 2014

More DCFS CPS Child removal Horror Stories

By Mark Wachtler

October 20, 2014. Raleigh, NC. (ONN) It hasn’t even been two months since we brought readers the outrageous story of Sara, a mom from Arizona who’s had her five children taken from her by DCFS and Child Protective Services for no reason other than an admitted mistake by a caseworker. Since then, we’ve written three more articles because we received countless letters from parents who’ve also had their children confiscated by the government for no reason.

Parents protest DCFS over the agency’s child removal practices. Image courtesy of MOABTimes.com.

Child trafficking or police state?

Many parents now believe the epidemic of children taken from their parents by the Dept of Health and Human Services is nothing more than a government-run human trafficking ring. Government employees are becoming millionaires in the process and so are the individuals making up a bunch of semi-government entities created to facilitate the confiscation, testing, housing and transfer of such a large number of American children. It’s become a business, a very profitable business.

Other parents like your author, who’s spent the past 20 years being forced into homelessness to pay child support for children he’s raising, believe it is more a matter of a growing police state than a money-making scheme. Children are being taken from their parents for any reason now, such as insulting a police officer, arguing with a DCFS caseworker or simply showing government employees they are wrong about something. Confiscation of children has become a punishment, imposed by a tyrannical state to keep its citizens from complaining or seeking justice.

Raleigh, North Carolina

One recent letter we received from a parent who’s had their child taken for no reason by DCFS came from Randy Scott Davis. Randy is one of our favorites because not only is he a federal whistleblower, he’s also a fellow grassroots journalist with our good friends WatchdogWire.com. And his story is proof positive that our government is currently waging a devastating war against both whistleblowers and parents. And when you’re both, like Randy is, look out.

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On February 20, 2014 Randy and a fellow federal whistleblower appeared on local TV in Raleigh, North Carolina exposing a massive embezzlement scheme in which government agents were stealing tax money. The crimes were so blatant, the individuals didn’t even try to hide hundreds of thousands of dollars used to refurbish their private homes, but billed to the taxpayers. On March 7, 2014 Randy, his 15-year-old daughter, the fellow whistleblower, and her 15-year-old son, were all pulled over by a government vehicle and detained by government agents who refused to identify themselves during the entire ordeal.

“I was charged with resisting an officer and failing to heed a blue light – bogus charges,” Randy explains, “These charges were later dropped with me representing myself. Reason – lack of evidence showing Sampson County Deputies had acted within their scope of duties. The real reason for the dismissal – my 15-year-old daughter had video-taped the entire three hours of kidnapping! She even posted it to her Facebook page in real time.”

Randy goes on to describe how Sheriff’s Deputies then confiscated the two children “without any papers or petition” and refused medical treatment to his daughter whose throat was bleeding due to six hours of terrified protests and her screams from being violently taken into custody. The government then tried to have his daughter committed as insane because she resisted her own non-arrest arrest. Our proud dad doesn’t hesitate to tout his daughter as a, “Beta Club, National Honors Society Award recipient, all honors and AIG student” – not your typical criminally insane teenager.

Randy filed a request for a Grand Jury investigation last month and has obtained two separate court orders for the return of his daughter to him. But DCFS-CPS refuses. Instead, they keep moving her from one abusive foster home to another, from one school to another. One foster mom was even caught taking the child to two different bars.

Randy’s sad story is unfolding as you read this. And it proves the old adage from the American underground that it’s dangerous to be right when the government is wrong. It also proves that corruption has infiltrated our government and there truly is a war on whistleblowers. In fact, government whistleblowers should be forewarned – government employees WILL take your children from you if you expose the criminal activity of other government employees.

“I have refused to sign anything and also refused any plea deals – I will never surrender and never will I allow any parent to go through this as I have now been educated,” Randy told us, “Any assistance and or advice in the matter of what you need in your quest to destroy this Police State CPS garbage is welcomed.”

Cedar City, Utah

Another letter to us came from a woman named Lara and her husband. Unlike most DCFS child confiscations, Lara’s story involves DCFS, the child’s birth mother and the child’s father, who also happens to be Lara’s husband. Fortunately, their own eight children have been left alone, which only proves they’re fine parents. But the birth mom of the first child happens to have an employee of DCFS in her immediate family, and she’s used that powerful connection to abuse the law, not to mention an innocent young girl, her father and Lara.

The story began 11 years ago when the couple discovered that their oldest daughter, who was living with her birth mom at the time, was being abused by the mother and step father. Authorities intervened and the mom and her husband were convicted of child abuse against the young girl, as well as their other children. According to Lara, they were given custody and everything should have been fine.

Over the next three years, the mother moved to Las Vegas where she worked as a professional stripper. That normally wouldn’t even raise eyebrows, especially here at Whiteout Press. But it comes into play later when officials ruled that a stripper with a previous child abuse conviction makes a better parent than a longtime loving couple who happen to be Mormons. Discrimination against Mormons is fairly common, but not in Utah where 60 percent of the state’s population are members of the Church.

The birth mother returned to Utah from Las Vegas and waged a successful campaign to get her daughter back from Lara and the girl’s natural father. She even used her own mother, who works in the DCFS office, to help. Last year, after over a year of legal battles and a cost of over $10,000 which bankrupted Lara and her husband, an unfavorable settlement was reached of joint custody and the birth mother retaining primary residency of the girl. Unfortunately, the abuse at the hands of her natural mother and step father didn’t stop.

Over the past year, the battle has begun once again as Lara and the girl’s father desperately try to save their daughter from the constant abuse and neglect she’s enduring. But the mother has accused Lara and the father of being fundamentalist polygamist Mormons, something the family vehemently denies insisting that while they live in Utah, they don’t even know any fundamentalist Mormons. Using the argument that the couple would turn the 15-year-old girl over to marry some old man with five wives, DCFS and the courts refused to return their daughter to their custody. Now, they are simply fighting to get the girl out of the mother’s abusive home and back into the youth home where the girl was living for a time and where she reportedly wished to stay.

“Knowing the environment they were forcing our daughter to stay in and being totally broke from all the legal fees, I started a lawsuit to attempt to gain justice and push to get our daughter into a residential treatment center,” Lara explains, “I had to do it Pro Se, on my own. Because we were so broke from all the legal expenses, we were forced to apply for public assistance.” They were successful in getting the girl into the youth home. But now, the family is being denied visitation while the birth mom visits freely. They’re also financially devastated and are literally begging the court to keep their case open while they desperately try to find funds to pay their attorney.

“The charges against us were dropped after our reputations were just about destroyed,” Lara explains, “We had to move out of southern Utah broke and ruined from the mess that was dumped on us. While we still have our other kids, we’ve been losing nearly everything else. I have consulted with some lawyers who say that we have some very good legal claims, but that the case needs some real work since I had to start it on my own. I have just a few weeks left to get a real overhaul on the case.”

Lara is not only fighting for her own child and her husband’s parental rights, she also says she’s determined to move forward with her lawsuit on behalf of parents everywhere who are religious. The courts have already confirmed their interpretation that Mormons are religious extremists and that any physical discipline, even a gentle spanking on the behind, is child abuse. To help Lara and her husband with their legal bills, the family has set up a Go Fund Me account.

Romeoville, Illinois

Two weeks ago, the mother of 15-month-old twins filed a federal lawsuit against DCFS and 10 agency employees. Fortunately for the 29-year-old mother, Rochelle Vermeulen, it took less than two months for her DCFS child confiscation nightmare to end. But she hasn’t forgotten or forgiven and has even enlisted the help of Chicago’s Family Defense Center for legal help.

In August, Rochelle was beaten by the children’s father in the family’s home. She took the two kids and moved in with her step father in the Chicago suburbs. No sooner than she and the babies arrived, an complaint was filed with DCFS that there was mold in the step father’s home and the children were in danger of be sickened. Without even investigating the home or the allegation, DCFS arrived on the scene and demanded the mother and children move into a homeless shelter. Welfare caseworkers then removed the twins anyway and refused to consider placing them with their maternal grandmother, because they said she lived too far. Instead, the kids were placed with family members of the abuser.

“We’ve never seen a case where they told a mother to go to a shelter with the kids and then refuse to help her get to the shelter, and then take the kids away,” Family Defense Center’s Diane Redleaf says, “It’s hard to believe an organization that is supposed to be protecting children and families would behave this way. But it is not at all uncommon.” Until recently, the law assumed that the victim of a domestic violence complaint is also an unfit parent. It seems the Dept of Health and Human Services is still functioning under the old guidelines.

Rochelle was not only angered, but dumbfounded. “I couldn’t believe they didn’t care about me being abused and me trying to leave my abuser,” she explains, “One caseworker told me ‘you should have left him sooner’. I believe they just basically took my abuser’s side.”

In addition to the above, we received other letters from parents that we unfortunately don’t have room to include. Some of the moms and dads that have written to us here at Whiteout Press over the past couple weeks have even asked that their stories not by published, as they’re still going through the nightmare with DCFS and are terrified of retribution. Others, like Jacqueline in southern California and Steve in northern California, have asked that we simply continue to shine a spotlight on the plights of other parents and try to raise awareness of the out-of-control child welfare system.

What the hundreds of thousands of victimized parents and children really need is for larger news outlets and organizations to pick up the torch and publicize these cases, and the many others just like them. Until then, we’ll keep doing what we can here at Whiteout Press. Be sure to check out the two previous installments of this series, ‘Family wages 5yr Battle to get Kids back from AZ DCFS’ and ‘Parents ready to overthrow DCFS to get Kids back’.



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