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Mainstream Media not so Mainstream


Mainstream Media not so Mainstream
By Mark Wachtler

August 21, 2011. Austin. (ONN) Some are saying it’s the second week in a row that the media is trying to affect the outcome of Presidential election. Others are saying their biased coverage and news black-outs are nothing new for the multinational corporations who’ve traded the truth for higher profits.

Rep. Ron Paul’s desk-top sign

Photo compliments of RonPaul.com

After all, that’s really all the major news shows are – infomercials used by their global corporate owners to steer consumers, that’s you, into acting and thinking a certain way. And that includes the voting booth. All we at Whiteout Press can say is thank you. It’s the biased, dishonest, blacked-out coverage from the major networks that gave birth to this independent news outlet and continue to add to our phenomenal success.

As we like to say here at Whiteout Press, ‘the news shouldn’t be left wing or right wing, liberal or conservative. It should be the news. It should be independent.’ For decades, it was considered a conspiracy theory of crazy people to think that the mainstream news media was pushing a secret agenda or blacking out certain stories. With the advent of proudly conservative news outlets like Fox News, CNBC and the Wall Street Journal, the formerly mainstream press has dropped all pretense of fairness and impartiality and are letting their true colors show without regret.

That brings us to the subject of today’s column – Ron Paul for President. According to the major media networks, Ron Paul is a ‘kook’, a ‘crackpot’ or worse. Fortunately, that’s pure political propaganda and couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is, Ron Paul is a United States Congressman from the state of Texas. And if he were elected President, the stock market would drop like a rock and Americans would go back to work in droves. You see, the owners of ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and CNN know that a President Ron Paul would put an end to the corporate ownership of our government that has cost the American taxpayers $15 trillion dollars, their Constitution, millions of jobs, and the nation’s entire middle class. And the media networks will do anything they can to stop him.

In the most recent example, viewers of last week’s Iowa Straw Poll Debate immediately voted Rep. Paul the winner with more than 60 percent of the votes. That was according to Fox News’ own ongoing poll after the debate, which aired nationwide on Fox News. Michele Bachmann was in second, more than 40 percentage points behind Paul. And while these voter results scrolled across the screen showing Paul the overwhelming debate winner, every news network in America robotically reported the same two headlines, “Mitt Romney clearly won tonight’s debate” or “Michele Bachmann was the definite winner”. Ron Paul never even got a mention. Read the Whiteout Press article ‘Quarrelsome Questions Mire Great Iowa Debate’ for a recap. For the record, Whiteout Press actually declared Newt Gingrich the debate winner with Ron Paul second.

Who is Ron Paul? Today he’s a member of the US House of Representatives where he’s been repeatedly re-elected by his Texas district since 1978. Prior to entering politics, Paul was an obstetrician where he personally delivered more than 4,000 babies. And just prior to that, Ron Paul served in the US Air Force in Vietnam during the Vietnamese war. So far, this doesn’t sound like the resume of a ‘kook’ or a ‘crackpot’.

In 1988, Rep. Paul ran for President on the Libertarian Party ticket. Being the most vocal and fierce defender of freedom and liberty in Congress, the Libertarian Party seemed like the perfect fit. Unfortunately, Republican and Democrat incumbents nationwide have changed election laws to prohibit independents and third party candidates from running for elective office. While all state laws vary, an example is that Republican and Democratic candidates for office only need to collect 3,000 signatures while everyone else needs to collect 30,000. And independents always seem to have a difficult time obtaining the proper paperwork from the Democrat and Republican office workers that run our country’s various Boards of Election. Funny how the mainstream media always covers that up. That’s also why 40 percent of Americans consider themselves ‘independents’ yet out of 435 members of the House of Representatives there are 0 independents, and only 2 in the US Senate.

Four years ago, Ron Paul ran for President again. This time, he ran as a Republican. While his campaign was again blacked-out by the mainstream media, the Texas Congressman still came away with a respectable showing and a handful of delegates. His vote totals in the large field of candidates were as high as the mid twenty percent range. Another fact the media repeatedly blacked-out during the campaign was that Ron Paul not only raised the most money from active US military soldiers and veterans, but he also won their votes over war heroes like Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). That’s a vote of confidence that any American would be proud of. It’s a shame the American media will never let that fact become known to the American people.

Earlier this year, Ron Paul won the CPAC straw poll, the largest gathering of conservative voters in the country. When Fox News interviewed him afterward, instead of the deafening cheers and standing ovation Paul really received from the crowd, Fox News had deleted that audio and replaced it with the deafening sound of boos. They then proceeded to beret the Congressman over the fictitious booing audience. The whole scheme by Fox News turned out to be one of the most sinister and flagrant political propaganda stunts in American history. But that’s how serious the media is about sabotaging the Ron Paul campaign.

And while Paul enjoys vast grassroots support among the GOP’s rank and file, the Party leadership is being anything but helpful. For one, Ron Paul would end the Patriot Act and bring back the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. One of his campaign slogans is, “Legalize Freedom!” Unfortunately for the freedom loving Paul, it was his own Republican Party under George W. Bush that dissolved the US Constitution and it’s the Republican Party of today, including fellow GOP Presidential candidate and House Tea Party Caucus Chair Michele Bachmann, that continue to vote to extend the Patriot Act.

So when Ron Paul finished second in the Iowa Straw Poll in a statistical tie with the winner, Michele Bachmann, the Ron Paul for President campaign thought the mainstream media would have to invite the Texas Congressman onto their Sunday morning political talk shows. Nope, that didn’t happen. The black-out would continue. So this weekend, a little smarter and a little wiser, the Ron Paul campaign has no other choice than to speak to the American people directly. And even though Whiteout Press is an independent news outlet and we make no secrets of the fact that we support any and every independent candidate out there, we’re more than happy to help Ron Paul remove the media-imposed gag and let him speak.

In a statement released by the Ron Paul for President campaign today:

“If you weren’t already convinced the media and their pals in the national political establishment were conspiring against Ron Paul this past week after his historic showing at the Iowa Straw Poll, then this should do it. After all, why keep ignoring Dr. Paul’s surging campaign? Surely, several major national media outlets would come around before this weekend…right? Wrong!

You see, the sad fact is – even after seeing their lack of coverage of Dr. Paul’s campaign ridiculed – only one national Sunday media show did call and offer to have Dr. Paul on. After extending the invitation, they promptly pulled the offer. Other shows have followed suit, remaining completely silent. Is it because the media has suddenly decided not to cover the race for President this week? Of course not.

Big Government Republican also-ran “contenders” Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman are being given prominent platforms on Fox News and ABC this weekend. In the words of Jon Stewart, speaking about Tim Pawlenty’s crushing defeat at the Iowa Straw Poll, these guys “lost to the guy who lost so bad he dropped out”.

So what’s so “newsworthy” about them? Nothing. The national media remains absolutely desperate to silence Ron Paul. They want to make sure his message of liberty doesn’t get through. They want to stop our surge. The good news is, this campaign continues to add supporters literally by the second. And all the establishment’s trillion dollar deficits, bailouts, endless wars, and crony deals END the day you make Ron Paul President.”

While we here at Whiteout Press have not endorsed a candidate for President, we do wholeheartedly support Congressman Ron Paul’s efforts. He’s an honest politician in a day when America needs one more than ever. For more information, contact the Ron Paul for President campaign at www.ronpaul2012.com.