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May 7, 2014

Listen to Whiteout Press author Mark Wachtler on AFP Radio

May 7, 2014. It’s been 18 years since Whiteout Press author/owner Mark Wachtler has done a radio or TV interview. But he was the special guest for a two-hour live radio broadcast on the American Free Press Radio Network this past Monday. Interviewed by The Spingola Zone’s Deanna Spingola, the two discussed many of the topics Whiteout Press readers have grown to appreciate. Hear the discussion for yourself while the broadcast is still online for a few more days.

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Among the topics your author Mark Wachtler and AFP Radio’s Deanna Spingola discussed over the two-hour live radio interview were; the federal government, Cliven Bundy confrontation, Congress insider trading, secret experiments on Americans, POW Bowe Bergdahl, marijuana reform, FBI raid on Wachtler, veteran suicides, media blackouts, vaccines/autism, drug co. lawsuit exemptions, missing Malaysian airliner, wall street, Barrett Brown, Hillary Clinton, Illuminati, Lady Gaga, Homeland Youth Corps, Occupy assassination plot, March Against Monsanto, GMO’s, geo-engineering, chemtrails, and rigged elections.


Listen to the entire radio interview below


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Excerpts from interview with Mark Wachtler

The first topic show host Deanna Spingola brought up was the recent Whiteout Press article, ‘Why do 546 People own 52% of the Entire Western US?’

Deanna Spingola: You’re talking 546 people. Now, do they own it? They don’t have a title, but obviously they control it.

Mark Wachtler: Right, I probably went two steps backward with that one saying, well who is the federal government? The federal government is really nothing more than a sheet of paper called the US Constitution. It specifically names the three levels of government and 546 specific individuals between the President, the Vice President, Congress and the Supreme Court. The other ten million employees are just employees of the Executive Branch…So they don’t technically own the land. But they are the 546 people that administer it. And as we’ve seen in Harry Reid’s case, they are profiting handsomely from it.

Cliven Bundy standoff

Host Deanna Spingola transition into the Cliven Bundy standoff with US officials in Nevada recently, specifically asking about the recent article, ‘Happy Patriots Day – a Lesson for Feds and Cliven Bundy fans’. Wachtler spoke for a few minutes about how both sides seemed in the wrong, but he left with the same conclusion and warning as the article.

Mark Wachtler: We wanted to write one article on it and it just happened to fall on Patriot’s Day. And I thought, what a coincidence. American citizens rising up against the government and hundreds of people end up dying. It happened after Waco. It happened after the Lexington green. So, there’s plenty of examples. I think we closed the conclusion of the article saying saying, there are good reasons and is this necessarily a good enough reason to launch a civil war? Because that’s what it would end up being, not so much because maybe Cliven Bundy got murdered or killed just like they did at Ruby Ridge with the Weaver family or any of the ones at Waco. And, you know, that might not do it. But if there’s two hundred volunteer militiamen and they’re doing nothing but being defensive, and they get slaughtered, I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be another ten thousand volunteer militiamen from around the country that are gonna take up arms tomorrow, within an hour. So the gist of the article was to everybody saying, take a step back.

Congress insider trading

The next topic was the Whiteout Press article, ‘Naming Names – Congressmen guilty of Insider Trading’. A portion of that exchange follows.

Deanna Spingola: Well, of course they know when the wars are going to be. So they’re going to go and put their money in the armament companies that are going to be making a lot of profit. So, they’re all guilty of insider trading.

Mark Wachtler: And everybody on the Banking Committees just happened to coincidentally buy and sell banking shares while the economy was collapsing and we were doing bailouts. The stock market is swinging by ten percent here and there in days all based on, is Congress going to bail them out or not. And here’s these Congressmen and women who’ll decide that all invested in the stock market. Not just for twenty years. They were buying and selling stocks while they were meeting…And here’s one mind-blowing statistic about Congress and their insider trading. When Dennis Hastert from my own Illinois took the Speakership, he had a net worth of $220,000. When he retired eight years later, after being Speaker for eight years, his $220,000 net worth jumped to $11,000,000. And he did nothing more than be the Speaker of the House. That’s how much they’re profiting.

POW Bowe Bergdahl

Whiteout Press author/owner Mark Wachtler then goes on to answer the question asking about where we get our article topics from. Somehow, the topic immediately went to America’s only POW Bowe Bergdahl 🙂 The article discussed is ‘Leak – Obama “disorganization” reason US POW being left behind’.

Mark Wachtler: Looking back, I kind of noticed that all of our articles, for the most part, come in the form of two different categories. And one is when frantic people who have been victimized, you know the voiceless little people in this world, write me a heartbreaking letter saying, can you please write about this and help us shed some light on it. So, I jump on those. I’ll help anybody that’s sincerely in need of help. We get some crazy letters. But you can always tell the legitimate ones. Like America’s one and only POW. Did you know that? You’d be astonished how many Americans don’t even realize that we have one prisoner of war. One official prisoner of war from Iraq and Afghanistan. His name is Bowe Bergdahl. He’s from Idaho. And he’s been a prisoner of war for five years. And we’re in the process of leaving him behind. But nobody knows about it. You know? That’s the kind of stuff that just blows my mind. And I jumped on that. I think we’ve written a dozen articles about him. You know, I’m a parent. I’ve got two little girls. I would be tormented every second of every day if I was that boy’s parents.

The rest of the two-hour radio interview was just as passionate and touched on the following topics; marijuana reform, FBI raid on Wachtler, veteran suicides, media blackouts, vaccines/autism, drug co. lawsuit exemptions, missing Malaysian airliner, wall street, Barrett Brown, Hillary Clinton, Illuminati, Lady Gaga, Homeland Youth Corps, March Against Monsanto, GMO’s, geo-engineering, chemtrails, and rigged elections.

I’d like to personally thank Deanna Spingola for inviting me to participate on her show The Spingola Zone which airs on the American Free Press Radio Network. I truly enjoyed it. Listen to the entire radio show above while the episode is still available online.


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