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January 13, 2014

Liberty Legal’s Van Irion announces Candidacy for TN Judge

January 13, 2014. Madisonville, TN. No person or organization has done more to expose the fact that Barack Obama isn’t eligible to be US President than the co-founder of Liberty Legal Foundation – Van Irion. He’s also taken cases all the way to the US Supreme Court. He was unjustly fined and sanctioned by a state court. He’s had his credibility attacked by government agents. Now, he’s running for Tennessee Judge.

Liberty Legal Foundation co-founder and candidate for TN Judge, Van Irion.

With all the scandal and inaccuracies going around over the past six years about Barack Obama, his birth certificate and where exactly he was born, America owes attorney Van Irion a debt of gratitude. While court after court has ruled that they have no jurisdiction to rule Obama ineligible to be US President, Van Irion, his Liberty Legal Foundation and the plaintiffs they’ve helped have at least given the American people the truth about their current President and America’s misunderstood election laws.

Obama, birth certificates and eligibility

Rather than write out all the lessons Van Irion has taught us in essay form, it may be simpler to just list them off. Since the Liberty Legal Foundation began fighting various states on behalf of citizens challenging Barack Obama’s eligibility to become President, there have been a number of shocking facts that state courts and the US Supreme Court have confirmed.

  • Anyone can run for and be elected President, even people not born in the United States as the US Constitution demands.
  • One must be a “natural born citizen” to be US President, but there isn’t a single government person or entity charged with the duty of verifying Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates’ eligibility, even if challenged. So, if Russia’s Vladamir Putin or Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad want to be US President, they can, legally.
  • The world never did get to see Barack Obama’s real Birth Certificate. We only got to view a PDF of a just-printed document on paper that didn’t exist 50 years ago.
  • Barack Obama isn’t ineligible to be US President because some question what country he was really born in. Barack Obama is ineligible to be US President because he’s not a “natural born citizen” as defined by the US Supreme Court.
  • Barack Obama isn’t a natural born citizen because his father wasn’t a US citizen at the time of Barack’s birth. That’s one of the requirements to satisfy the definition of ‘natural born citizen’.

Other interesting tidbits have also come to light due to the various state lawsuits handled by Van Irion and the Liberty Legal Foundation. But the above are the more historic points regarding Barack Obama’s Presidential eligibility. It’s historically important to remember that not a single court ruled that Barack Obama was eligible to be US President. They only ruled that there isn’t a single mechanism or authority in the entire country responsible for insuring a candidate is eligible for the Presidency and Vice Presidency. So even if Big Bird was elected President, he couldn’t be disqualified because nobody has the legal authority to do so.

Van Irion for Criminal Court Judge

After traveling the country to represent plaintiffs in a number of states, including the US Supreme Court in Washington DC, attorney Van Irion has announced his candidacy for the office of Tennessee State Judge. The Primary Election is scheduled for May 2014, with the General Election to be held in August 2014.

“I am sure you would agree that it has been upsetting and emotionally draining to watch our nation continue on a path to certain destruction,” Van’s wife Dawn says in the campaign announcement, “We at Liberty Legal love the principals, morals, and ideas that served as foundation for America’s beginning. Unfortunately we have concluded that the methods we tried to use to turn our courts back to the Constitution will simply no longer work.

“While we no longer believe that the Federal Courts are willing to follow the law, we are not giving up,” the Liberty Legal co-founder continues,After much thought and prayer, Van has decided that he can have the greatest influence over our judicial branch by becoming a judge in the state court system. A unique opportunity has presented itself and this week Van is announcing his candidacy for the elected position of Criminal Court Judge for Tennessee’s 10th Judicial District.”

About Van Irion

As detailed on the candidate’s website, Van Irion has already had a distinguished career that has led him to this point in his professional and personal life. First, he’s a military veteran, having served in the US Air Force. Irion also spent his early years as a firefighter and a licensed Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Staying with the medical industry, he also worked as a bio-genetics researcher at the University of California School of Medicine and the University of Tennessee Research Foundation.

After switching to the legal field and becoming an attorney, Van Irion served as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Tennessee School of Law. He also represented the school as the University’s patent and licensing attorney. It was that legal background that led Van to his next challenge in life – politics.

In 2010, Van Irion ran unsuccessfully for Congress representing Tennessee’s 3rd Congressional District. He was one of the few Congressional candidates around the country endorsed by GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul. Shortly after, he and his wife Dawn founded the law firm and citizen advocacy organization Liberty Legal Foundation. Their primary specialty became, as the firm’s name suggests, ‘liberty’ and the US Constitution.

Van Irion’s campaign website quotes the candidate’s appeal for support. “I am deeply committed to the rule of law,” he writes, “As an experienced attorney I have always maintained a commitment to fairness for all participants. As a Criminal Court Judge, I will uphold the Tennessee and United States Constitutions fairly and impartially, treating all participants in the court process with dignity and respect.”

For more information about Van Irion’s candidacy, visit VanForJudge.org. For more information about the Liberty Legal Foundation, visit LibertyLegalFoundation.org.


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