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September 21, 2011

Lady Gaga, Satanism and the Illuminati

September 21, 2011. New York. In the five years since Stefani Germanotta burst onto the New York music scene and changed her name to Lady Gaga, the colorful and mysterious performer has skyrocketed to the top of the industry. But just who is Lady Gaga? Anyone who takes five minutes to investigate comes away with the same conclusion – she’s an elitist from an elite family, but she conquered the NY underground. She’s Catholic, but a public Satan worshiper. None of her material is original, but it’s entirely unique. She’s nothing, and everything.

Lady Gaga – poster-child for the modern-day Satan-worshiping Illuminati

One thing that is unmistakably clear is that Lady Gaga is doing one of two things. Either she’s using Satanism and the Illuminati to create a counter culture look and feel in an attempt to sell more music and merchandise to more kids. Or she’s a genuine Satanist and Illuminati follower that’s using her music and performances to brainwash the world’s youth into joining them in their evil quest.

In the early days, most assumed her antics were a creative accompaniment to her unquestionably talented singing voice. After all, Stefani Germanotta was the product of an upper middle class family who attended Convent of the Sacred Heart, a private all girls Catholic school in Manhattan. From there, she ended up at the prestigious New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. A talented singer, performer and a creative genius, the overly intelligent Stefani Germanotta had plenty of material to work with. Her school friends remember her as being a typical good girl. She was boy crazy, highly intelligent and a great singer.

Any rebellious Catholic teenager stuck in an all boys or all girls Catholic school rebels in similar ways. Many run straight to Satanism in their attempt to thumb their noses at their Catholic school overlords. But at some point, even Catholic school kids grow out of their fascination with Satan and the occult. In Stefani Germanotta’s case, it appears as if the fascination turned into reality. Stefani’s fascination and embracing of the Illuminati and its Satanic beliefs have become the one real aspect of an otherwise carefully sculpted performing artist.

As many followers have pointed out recently, Lady Gaga is much too obvious and blatant about her Illuminati loyalties for it to be a coincidence. And her perception and precision with regard to the secret society’s symbolism, beliefs, history and culture are so spot on accurate, it makes many wonder if she, or someone behind her,  is the real deal. If it’s true, think of it as a Dark Sith Overlord being discovered in the land of the Jedi. With the tens of millions of dollars she’s earned thanks to her Illuminati friends at the helm of America’s entertainment industry, if she wasn’t a member of the Illuminati before, she most certainly is now.

The Illuminati is an openly and admitted Satanic organization. Lady Gaga is an open Satan worshiper. The Illuminati’s beliefs are Lady Gaga’s beliefs. Their symbols are her symbols. Her statements are their statements. Everything about Lady Gaga is straight from the century old book of the Illuminati. The scary part is, Lady Gaga has memorized every word of the Illuminati’s secret doctrine. She promotes their vile and evil messages in all of her music. She simulates their real world sexual rape and human enslavement in her videos. And she endorses and publicly recommends their evil practices every day and in every way to your children.

One of the best places to find detailed and in depth accounts of Lady Gaga’s Illuminati ways is the website VigilantCitizen.com. Below, we’ve taken excerpts from their extensive reporting.

From VigilantCitizen.com:

‘Monarch is a type of butterfly and became the ultimate “insider’s” symbol of mind control. Symbolism surrounding Lady Gaga, in her pictures and videos, mixes those symbols with occultism of secret societies.  Her vacuous, robotic and slightly degenerate persona embodies all the “symptoms” of a mind control victim.

Gaga is a term that immediately refers to absent mindedness. Here are some synonyms taken from a thesaurus – lightheaded silliness, empty headed, flighty, featherbrained. Her name is also said to be inspired by Queen’s song ‘Radio Gaga’. The video of this song contains many scenes of the 1927 movie Metropolis. The motion picture tells the story of a woman from the working class that was chosen by the elite to give life to a robot, through a mix of science and Black magic.’

So from the start, Lady Gaga’s intention was to present the image of a stupid girl desperate to be brainwashed and controlled, because brainwashing and mind control are cool. After five years, it’s no longer an act or a marketing strategy. Lady Gaga truly is a follower and promoter of the evil Illuminati. Her music, statements and actions have proven it unquestionably true. The Illuminati’s admitted goals are to destroy God, murder 90 percent of the world’s populations and enslave the rest. Those aren’t the typical goals most parents want for their children. Read the Whiteout Press Special Report, ‘The Illuminati’, for more information on the secret society.

Don’t believe us? We were hoping you would say that.

Rather than try to paraphrase so much of the existing content, this article is simply going to quote VigilantCitizen.com and let them give the details. They’ve really put together quite an extensive collection of evidence and they deserve all the credit. Continuing with the source of Lady Gaga’s name, we resume with the Queen video and the robot.

From VigilantCitizen.com:

This robot becomes a sexy and alluring performer and is given the goal to corrupt the working class. Madonna, Beyonce, Kylie Minogue and many others have taken the likeness of this female robot and, as you’ll see in the “Paparazzi” video, Lady Gaga also continues this “tradition”.

Her logo is pretty revealing and particularly fitting. Its a headless female body with a bolt of lightning  going through her and exiting  her genitalia. There is once again a focus on the lack of conscious thought by the singer. The body looks like the weird headless mannequins you find at clothing stores. The bolt of lightning implies that her thoughtless body has been “charged” with a force that gives it life.

You only need to look at a couple of Lady Gaga pictures or videos to notice that she is constantly hiding one of her eyes. Most people will simply interpret this as ”a cool thing to do” or a “fashion statement”. Those who have passed the 101 of Illuminati symbolism know that the All-Seeing Eye is probably its most recognizable symbol. The gesture of hiding one eye, usually the left one, goes way back in occult orders.

This last picture is very significant. One can’t ignore the resemblance with good ol’ Baphomet the devil.

Baphomet hat

Bound & Illuminated

Almost all of Lady Gaga’s videos contain occult symbolism and not-so-subtle hints referring to mind control. In one video, Lady Gaga is talking in a vaporous and robotic way, as if she was lobotomized, about a man who “swallowed her brain”.  Gaga is questioned by a man who is talking in a very strange and hypnotic matter. If this is not about mind control, I have no idea what it’s about.

In another video, Lady Gaga is in a bedroom with her boyfriend and they’re ‘getting it on’. He takes her outside on the balcony where he pushes her off. While falling down, the background becomes a swirling pattern, typically associated with hypnotism. Lady Gaga falls down rather stylishly, hinting the fact that this descent is not physical. It represents the ‘trauma’ victims of mind control have to go through in order to be “rebuilt from scratch”. Lady Gaga then enters a mansion in a wheel chair and gradually takes off her clothes. She is dressed like a robot, hinting Maria from the movie Metropolis.

After carrying out her murderous mission, Lady Gaga is more popular than ever and reaps the rewards of being an Illuminati slave. If you are still doubtful of the occult themes of these videos, check out this snapshot. The director of the video ‘Paparazzi’ is wearing a Venom shirt, bearing the face of Baphomet and the Sigil of the Church of Satan.

Another scene shows her dancing in a half white, half black wedding dress. This signifies her (forced) association with the ‘dark Brotherhood’. Her transformation is then complete. We then see her next to the boyfriend that pushed her off the balcony. She is wearing Mickey Mouse clothes, hinting once again Monarch programming. She is behaving in a very robotic way, as if her thoughts and actions were controlled by someone else. Gaga then proceeds to poison the guy and smiles very weirdly about it. The fact that she murdered her boyfriend refers to the level “Delta” of the Monarch project, which is also known as the ‘killer’ programming.

Lady Gaga incorporates in her videos, photos and shows symbolism that refers to the Illuminati and mind control. Her symbolism is deep, esoteric and even spiritual. While masses of young people imitate Gaga’s gestures, her act is part of a bigger system, making her a puppet of the Illuminati.

While the above was from VigilantCitizen.com, the following is from Part 2 of VigilantCitizen.com’s investigation of Lady Gaga’s connections with the Illuminati and mind control.

I wonder if they’ll remain skeptical of the presence of Masonic symbolism in pop culture after seeing this set of photos, taken INSIDE A MASONIC LODGE.

If you have minimal knowledge of Freemasonry, you already know the great importance of the twin pillars Jachim and Boaz. They are depicted in a great number of Masonic works of art. Gaga is standing between both pillars, wearing Hello Kitty shoes, occultly referring to mind control programming (innocence, childhood, re-education, etc). Her eyes are closed but she has wide-open eyes painted on her eyelids, which is very symbolic – her eyes seem open but they are still wide shut.

In another picture, Gaga is standing next to the bust of an important Mason (easily recognizable by the collar). The ‘one eye’ symbolism is still an intricate part of Gaga’s imagery. Hello Kitty is covering Gaga’s…kitty in another odd juxtaposition of Masonic symbolism with mind control, often found in entertainment photo shoots.

In another picture, Gaga is sitting on a Masonic throne, complete with the twin pillars on each side of her. Above her head is the compass of Freemasonry. She is wearing a Hello Kitty dress and posing in a very mannequin-like stance. Her hands are positioned in way reminiscent of iconic art which displays the hermetic maxim “as above so below”.

In the previous article, I’ve mentioned that the name “Lady Gaga” was taken from the Queen video ‘Radio Gaga’, in which many scenes were taken from the movie ‘Metropolis’. This movie is known for its highly occult themes (Black Magic, sacrifices to the pagan god Moloch, mind control, the whore of Babylon) and is very often referred to in the music industry.

In the movie, Maria, a girl from the working class, is “chosen” by the elite to give her likeness to a mind-controlled robot in order to confuse the masses. There is a dichotomy between the real and the false Maria that is also found in Gaga’s latest offering calledFame Monster’. In this scene from Fritz’s Metropolis, the android Maria is meant to embody the ‘whore of Babylon’ from Revelation 17.

Lady Gaga’s ‘Maria’

The original 1927 mind-controlled, robot ‘Maria’

The Illuminati

Special Report – Everything you ever wanted to know about the most secret society in history. From its ancient beginning through today. 36pg booklet. Get yours here.

The real, natural and apparently unhappy Lady Gaga.

Final thoughts from VigilantCitizen.com:

Since the publishing of the first article, Lady Gaga’s symbolism has continued to exploit the same themes as were previously discussed. Although she is very smart and educated in symbolism, the settings of the pictures are the creations of photographers, stylists and other ‘consultants’. Whether she is commenting on the mind control phenomenon in mass media or simply a victim of it is still hard to determine but one thing is for sure – the symbolism is there and that’s the goal of the article. What is more unsettling is the fact that those themes are not exclusive to Gaga.

They are associated with many acts in the music and the fashion industry to a point that one inevitably realizes that these artists are pawns of a greater machine, pushing its symbols through various outlets. References to mind control, to secret societies, to Baphomet and to Metropolis are too widespread to be coincidences or results of artistic expression. There is an obvious media campaign pushing these elements into pop culture. What should we do about it? MTV says: Just dance.


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