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July 12, 2015

Join The Sovereign Nation

By Tim Crosby

July 12, 2015. (ONN) It’s hard to look out into the world of news today without seeing all the chaos and destruction taking place. In the United States, our freedom is being eroded almost daily at every level of government whether locally or nationally. Around the world, we see the degradation of nations and in its place, the rise of tyranny. However, as bad as things are, there is good out there as well. New pockets of resistance are forming everyday and as things worsen, their numbers continue to grow. The Sovereign Nation is one such formation.

The Sovereign Nation is looking for citizen-journalists to write a column at their new website.


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When I first started a blog, I didn’t know what to expect, I just wanted to do something. Being that I’m a truck driver by trade, I don’t have the ability to join a local activist group or attend any public meetings. What I do have is access to the internet and a mind for liberty and a background in the fields of web design and digital marketing. Before I decided to make my money hauling freight, I was trying my hand as a community organizer. Although I don’t have any great claim to fame that anyone would recognize, I always enjoyed what I did. All of this led me to create the blog and eventually the website.

The Sovereign Nation is meant to be a community of like-minded, independent bloggers and journalists. I want to use the site as a platform for writers who’d like to be a part of a larger community. Whether you have your own blog already, or you’d like to try your hand as a contributor, we want you! If you’d consider yourself to be something of a news junkie, and you hold the values of liberty and justice for all to be more important than personal gain, you’re exactly the type of person we’re interested in having join us.

Not a writer? More of a video person or talk show host? Don’t feel left out because you’ve got a place here too! The mainstream media and a lot of the so-called alternative media have failed us. The only way we’re going to get real news without all the corporate jargon is if we take over the media ourselves. This is why we’re not just going to stop at blogs. We need a community of liberty-lovers pooling their talents in this fight if we expect real change.

Sovereignty is the source of authority from which all laws and governments arise. We The People are that source of authority, no matter what the media and government groups try to tell us. They will try to claim that people are incapable of managing their own affairs and The Sovereign Nation will stand against them. If you’d like to be a part of something like that, don’t hesitate to contact us on our website. We’re all important and together, we can do anything!

For more information, visit TheSovereignNation.com.

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