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israeli reporter says war with syria starts tomorrow


August 30, 2013

Israeli Reporter says War with Syria starts Tomorrow

August 30, 2013. Damascus. Members of the Israeli media are reporting that the Syrian War – its start date and finish date – have already been scheduled by President Obama. Threatening to go it alone with only the support of a handful of nations with ulterior motives, the US-Syria War is reportedly supposed to start with an attack on the war-torn country tomorrow and finishing on Wednesday.

US warships line the Syrian coast. Image courtesy of AFP.

Listening to certain global military leaders, it almost sounds as if the entire upcoming US-Syria War has already been planned, scheduled and completed. Attacking nations like Turkey, Exxon, Israel, BP and the US are already gloating about the spoils of war and what they’re planning to get out of the war on Syria.

Media says war starts Saturday

Breaking news – the most recent poll released moments ago (Friday 6:00am CST) via CNBC and other outlets reveals, “Only 21 percent of the American people believe a military strike on Syria is in America’s best interest.” According to a reporter from one of the largest media outlets in Israel however, it doesn’t matter. The war starts tomorrow.

As detailed by Infowars last night, Israeli journalist Amir Mizrock Tweeted his findings yesterday for the whole world to see, “Israeli defense estbl assessment: US attack starts when UN inspectors leave Syria on Saturday, ends when Obama meets Putin next Wednesday – 5:18 AM – 29 Aug 2013.”

It almost seems too perfect. But the timing fits. US officials, including the Defense Secretary and Secretary of State, have led the nation to believe that a US strike on Syria would happen any hour now. But surprising resistance, first by the UN, then by NATO, then by the British Parliament, have put the brakes on any immediate attack. Mizrock chalked up this delay not to the lack of allied support, but instead to give UN inspectors time to leave Syria so they’re not killed by the US attack.

The Israeli reporter cites former Mossad Director Danny Yatom as the source of his information. According to Amir Mizrock and his Mossad contact, the schedule for America’s war on Syria is common knowledge simply because of all the international players involved in the covert operation, including the Israelis.

Threats and predictions

Since there have been so many official threats, promises and declarations by nations involved in the Syrian civil war, it’s not difficult to piece together a series of events – events that have not happened yet. If the Israeli Mossad can be believed, these events will begin tomorrow as soon as UN inspectors leave Syria and are out of harm’s way.

Phase 1

First, the US will rain cruise missiles down upon Syria’s military defenses. This is not to ‘punish’ the Assad regime as repeatedly claimed by President Obama. Instead, this is part of the Syrian rebels’ battle plan devised months ago and widely reported throughout independent media outlets.

Tens of thousands of America’s al Qaeda and Sunni Muslim allies within the rebel coalition are prepped for a massive nationwide assault on government forces. As US attacks blind and temporary cripple the Syrian military, rebel forces will launch a ground-based, coordinated counter-offensive across the war-torn country in one massive push to quickly topple the Assad government.

Phase 2

Second, while the global media dedicates its full coverage to the rebels’ tide-turning offensive, Turkey and Israel will also be secretly and quietly launching attacks of their own. Due to all of the region’s wars, the Kurdish minorities in Iraq and Syria have declared their independence and will soon declare Kurdistan a member of the world’s nations again.

Turkey will do everything in its military power to stop the one-third of Kurdistan located in present-day Turkey from seceding and joining that new nation. And one of the things Turkey has already done, and will do with even greater force, is send troops into Syria to crush the rapidly growing military might of Syrian Kurds who keep crossing into Turkey to launch attacks.

For its part, Israel has watched with nervous anticipation as civil wars in both its neighboring countries – Syria and Egypt – have led to a build-up of Hezbollah and other anti-Israeli forces literally all along Israel’s previously policed or desolate borders. Both Hezbollah and its Iranian sponsors have pledged to retaliate against the Jewish state if Israel launches attacks against newly set-up military positions in Lebanon, Syrian and possibly even Egypt. But that is exactly what Israel is reportedly preparing to do.

Phase 3

Third, and most importantly, Western oil companies are already positioning themselves for lucrative and profitable oil contracts in Syria once the government is overthrown and replaced with a US-backed puppet regime just as happened in Iraq and Afghanistan. As reported by CNBC yesterday, oil executives and US officials have already laid out the schedule anticipating how long it will take to get Syria’s oil production back online. They’ve also calculated how much additional profit is available once Syria’s oil is turned over to experts like BP, Chevron and Exxon who can streamline and maximize output and distribution.

As detailed by Reuters, war-ravaged Syria is only producing 50,000 barrels of oil per day right now. Prior to the country’s civil war, it produced 370,000 barrels per day. Western oil companies believe they can increase that to 1,000,000 barrels per day. And with a US-backed Syrian government, the decades-long oil contracts could be incredibly one-sided and abnormally profitable for the handful of lucky corporations awarded the rights to production.

Oil companies aren’t the only ones salivating at the potential for big profits with yet another war on a Middle Eastern nation. Defense contractors from General Electric to Lockheed Martin, as well as hundreds of others, can’t wait to resupply the US war machine with billions of dollars worth of arms. And let’s not forget corporations like Halliburton who make billions of dollars a year by doing nothing more than rebuilding the cities and towns the US military destroys.

Consequences and ramifications

A US military attack against Syria may not go without retaliation. Countries like Iran and Syria, and groups like Hezbollah, have already promised as much. If Western leaders reply in kind to attacks by Iran and Lebanon, the Syrian civil war could rapidly escalate into a regional war. Reports are already circulating about behind the scenes negotiations between Saudi Arabia and their Israeli allies, lobbying the Jewish state not to retaliate if attacked by Hezbollah or Iran. Such a war would unify most of the Muslim and Arab world against the US-Israel-Turkey allied force.

And while the Russians have indicated they would not respond militarily to an attack on their Syrian allies, there has been little or no word about what Vladimir Putin would do if the US attacked Russia’s other ally Iran. Additionally, untested US allies like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq have already announced that if the US attacks a Muslim nation like Syria or Iran, they would immediately join the war against the US.


The final and most terrifying question is whether or not tomorrow’s reported start of America’s next war will reach the streets and cities of the US. It’s worth mentioning that for decades, Iranian sleeper cells have reportedly been stationing themselves across the US in preparation for terror attacks on American soil. They’ve theoretically just never had a reason to be ordered into battle. Iran is a Shiite country. Saddam Hussein in Iraq and al Qaeda in Afghanistan were both Sunni regimes. Iran had no reason to use its alleged secret army against the US in wars against Iran’s rivals.

An actual war against Syria and Iran would answer the decades-old question once and for all. Are there Iranian terror cells operating inside the US? And if so, what kind of devastation are they capable of doing? The more troubling question is, what will Russia do if war breaks out across the globe with the US attacking one Russian ally after another? If the movement of numerous Russian warships to the Mediterranean Sea, and the urgent transfer of an entire Russian battle fleet from the China Seas to the Mediterranean is any indication – this Syrian civil war could escalate out of control incredibly fast. And according to the Israeli reporter, the whole thing has already been scheduled to occur.


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