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is alex jones of infowars a government spy doubt it


February 5, 2014

Is Alex Jones of Infowars a Government Spy? Doubt it

February 5, 2014. Austin, TX. Anyone who reads Whiteout Press is most likely familiar with Alex Jones and his grassroots news organization Infowars. He’s exposed the Bilderbergs, the 9/11 Commission, the Illuminati, the NSA and TSA, and even the ultra-secret cult from Bohemian Grove in California. Regardless of why or how he’s been doing it for 20 years, one can’t deny Alex Jones has had more of an impact than almost any other grassroots American activist.

Alex Jones of Infowars. Image courtesy of Infowars.com.

For that reason and that reason alone, we don’t believe the ever-present rumors going around that Alex Jones is a spy. While history shows that giant tyrannical entities will endure small self-inflicted wounds to further their overall goals, no regime in history has ever sabotaged or exposed itself to the extent that Alex Jones and Infowars have exposed corruption and treason in the highest levels of Wall Street and the US federal government.

Alex Jones exposed

To this author, it seems like Alex Jones is always exposed. The man lives his life constantly on daily radio and documentary films. But after two separate Whiteout Press readers emailed us last week warning that Alex Jones is a US government agent, we invested a few minutes to look into it. While doing a Google search for ‘Alex Jones’, the word ‘exposed’ kept getting inserted after it. So, we clicked on that search. What we found were five years worth of wild-eyed conspiracy theories and accusations against Jones – none of which was the same accusation as the next.

The accusation that came to us via email said Alex Jones turned one of his show’s listeners/callers into authorities because the caller told Jones he was forbidden by the terms of a court order from using computers. Apparently, right after that call, the listener/caller was busted by the feds for violating the very same court order.

Did Jones turn him in? We don’t think so. More likely, we assume that every inch of Alex Jones’ world is bugged with NSA listening devices and everyone should know that everything they say to Jones or in his presence is being heard by federal agents. Like we’ve been warning people for 25 years, ‘They’re always watching and they’re always listening!’ That doesn’t mean that Jones couldn’t have accidentally said something seemingly harmless on-air that the caller didn’t want him to, and in this case may have gotten the caller in trouble. I’m sure that happens occasionally.

Other specific accusations

Adam Kokesh. Critics of Jones cite the fact that Adam Kokesh – free speech and 2nd Amendment activist – was arrested by federal authorities in July 2013 only hours after finishing a telephone interview with Alex Jones. But again, if you call into Infowars Nightly News, expect that the feds are listening. The raid was related to Kokesh’s announced ‘armed march on Washington’. And just as Whiteout Press predicted months before, authorities found a reason to arrest the star of the show ‘Adam vs. The Man’, to get him off the street and end the organizing of his armed march on our government. We’re not spies either. We’ve just been doing this for 25 years and, well, those who choose to ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

His critics also point out that Alex Jones was one of the first to report Kokesh’s arrest that night. How did he know? Well, when federal authorities raided Adam Kokesh, they brought armored personnel carriers, two helicopters, 20 SWAT team members, an army of uniformed and plain clothes police, canine units, a parade of media trucks, and even the blueprints to Adam Kokesh’s home-office. That alone proves the raid wasn’t thrown together in the couple hours since the Kokesh-Jones phone call. It also shows that everybody on Earth knew about the raid, including a dozen news outlets.

Read the July 2013 Whiteout Press article, ‘Feds arrest Adam Kokesh after Alex Jones Interview’ for further details.

Active Zionist. One of the most common accusations against Alex Jones is that his wife is Jewish and he’s been an active participant in the underground Zionist movement for years. For those not aware, Zionism is the name for the millennia-old Jewish quest for world domination. Zionism has two historic foes – the Illuminati and Communism, although the Communists have gone by many names over 2,000 years but are always manifested in the poor and poverty-stricken coming together to fight their Zionist or Illuminati overlords.

Of all the accusations against Alex Jones, this is about the only one that makes sense and has little evidence to refute it. The website AlexJonesExposed.info brings us the following list of charges: his wife is Jewish, his attorney is Jewish, Infowars has 34 Jewish advertisers/sponsors, the Austin, TX radio station Infowars is produced by is owned by a media conglomerate headed by a Jewish CEO, and it’s broadcast on Sirius XM radio, also headed by a Jewish CEO. Basically, all this list does is confirm something most of us already knew – Jewish people dominate the media and legal industries.

But the accusation raises a curious issue – Jones is well known for fighting the Illuminati and the US federal government. But this author can’t think of many occasions where he’s gone after the equally sinister Zionists. That shouldn’t necessarily be taken as an accusation, as all media outlets avoid criticizing Jews. As Whiteout Press can attest to first hand, it leads to devastating and undeserved attacks of retribution and even turns many non-Jewish listeners/readers off. So, most outlets simply avoid the topic all together. But one would think that a show like Infowars, who’s one and only priority is exposing evil world conquest, would take on global Zionism once in a while.

Agent of the Catholic Church. Just as some accuse Alex Jones of being an agent for Jewish Zionism, others accuse him of being the exact opposite, an agent of the Roman Catholic Church. The website RemnantOfGod.org says, ‘Alex Jones is a Jesuit Coadjutor. He preaches FEAR to keep the people clamoring to Roman churches and even their politicians for help.’ The site explains that Jones is helping both the US government, as well as the Catholic Church.

First, they say, he leads the charge against government corruption, leading to complacency among the populace because they know someone is out there fighting so they don’t have to. Second, they say, by exposing the evils in Washington, Jones is pushing Americans away from their government and into the arms of the country’s religions. While these two accusations seemingly conflict with each other, we’ll let readers decide.

Jack Blood and Texas. Another widely circulated accusation against Alex Jones comes from a past associate down in Texas where Jones lives and broadcasts his various shows. As detailed in a 2010 edition of the Daily Paul, the publication of Ron Paul supporters, a Texas grassroots activist/journalist named Jack Blood had released a bevy of criticisms and accusations culminating in the idea that Jones may be working as a federal agent.

On his own show, Deadline Live, Jack Blood reportedly says Alex Jones used to call him in the middle of the night to discuss ways of sabotaging people who were publicly critical of Jones. But while revenge isn’t healthy, it doesn’t prove betrayal. Another accusation is even more laughable. This one reads, ‘Blood also revealed that Jones is an incredibly unstable individual who can’t hold his liquor and would often try to start fights with other people after he’s had a few drinks.’

Trilateral Commission

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Imagine that – getting belligerent and confrontational after drinking too much. Yep, that proves he’s a spy. Personal experience suggests this proves Jones isn’t a federal agent. Because that’s the time most of them expose their true identities or even pull out their badges and guns and throw around their unchallenged authority. The final piece of evidence came in the form of an accusation from Blood that many of the allegedly autographed copies of Jones’ books are actually signed by his staff members. Again, big shocker.

Other accusations are less damaging and include research that shows most of Alex Jones’ dire predictions of Armageddon, world war 3, or Martial Law didn’t come true when he said they would. Others accuse him of profiting off of the truth and liberty movements. And some insist he’s a cointelpro agent with the mission of spreading wild disinformation to camouflage the real acts of tyranny going on.

As far as we at Whiteout Press can figure out, Alex Jones may drink and sometimes get loud and rowdy when he does. He may also be trying to make a living from his efforts to expose government corruption and tyranny. He may even be a secret Zionist agent since his attacks are almost always reserved for the enemies of Zionism like the Illuminati. But we don’t believe he’s working for the US federal government in any way, shape or form, at least knowingly.

This author can’t think of anyone short of Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich and Jesse Ventura who have done more damage to the evil powers of the shadow government than Alex Jones has. Government agents don’t infiltrate the Bilderbergers and Illuminati with a video camera at their ultra-secret and secure Bohemian Grove resort the way Alex Jones did. Government agents don’t humiliate the most powerful people in the world like David Gergen on international TV the way Alex Jones did. Our conclusion – Alex Jones may be working for some kind of underground secret cause, but we doubt it, and it’s definitely not the US federal government.


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