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Gun Group Fears Domestic Death Squads Back

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February 11, 2013

Gun Group fears domestic Death Squads back

February 11, 2013. Carnesville. Gun control activists chalk it up to karma or divine justice. Gun rights activists on the other hand, insist the mysterious deaths of two high profile 2nd Amendment activists in the weeks after the tragic Sandy Hook shooting raise more questions than answers. With both killed on deserted rural roads, one with a gunshot to the head, some fear Presidential death squads are back.

Gun enthusiast Keith Ratliff was found dead on a rural road with a gunshot to the head. His online show was the 9th most popular YouTube channel with millions of subscribers and a half billion page views.

1990’s Death Squads

In the early 1990’s, Americans were treated to incident after incident where the FBI was called in to pick up the pieces of disastrous covert counter-terrorism campaigns waged against American citizens. In August 1992 during the George HW Bush administration, US Marshals acted on faulty and fraudulent information and wound up murdering an innocent young boy named Sam Weaver. The FBI was called in and a Bureau sniper promptly shot and killed the boy’s mother, Vicky Weaver, while she cradled her newborn baby in her arms. The place – Ruby Ridge, Idaho.

Just six months and dozens of mysterious deaths later in Waco, Texas during the Clinton administration, agents of the BATF carried out a separate mission against a religious group known to be legally stockpiling firearms. After the initial unprovoked BATF military assault on the group’s compound, one that left four agents and six worshipers dead, the FBI was again called in to fix the situation. This time, with guns blazing agents drove an armored tank into the compound. Using weapons of mass destruction on their own citizens, President Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno ordered the facility be attacked with highly flammable chemical weapons. The assault force set the religious compound ablaze and killed 76 by gas poisoning, gunshots and lethal burns. The victims were mostly children.

What did those two incidents have in common? The FBI executioner in both assaults was the same exact government agent. A special unit of the FBI was titled the ‘Hostage Rescue Team’. But ironically, it seemed every time the HRT showed up, the hostages were all murdered by HRT agents. For those in disbelief, ask yourself the following questions.

Wouldn’t a huge and talented agency like the FBI have one set of agents that specialize in operating Army tanks, while having other experts proficient as snipers? Yes, and it does. So, why weren’t those agents called in to operate the tank or act as snipers? The answer – many believe it’s because the FBI wasn’t in need of an honest agent with an honest job. It was in need of a ‘death squad’ to eliminate a political problem.

Are domestic death squads back?

While independent media outlets and 2nd Amendment activists aren’t going so far as to accuse the federal government of releasing death squads throughout the countryside again, they are warning that something close may be going on. Their examples – two well known gun rights activists were mysteriously killed in separate incidents in the same week just after the Sandy Hook tragedy.

As detailed by NaturalNews.com, John Noveske was one of the most celebrated battle rifle manufacturers in America. The site says his rifles ‘are widely recognized as some of the finest pieces of American-made hardware ever created’. John Noveske, owner of the gun manufacturing company, was killed in a mysterious, single-car accident on January 4, 2013 on a winding, rural, Oregon road.

According to Oregon State Police, Noveske’s car was traveling westbound at 9:13pm local time. As his car approached and entered a soft curve in the road that veered to the right, Noveske failed to turn his wheel. His vehicle crossed the empty oncoming lane of traffic, drove into the dirt brush and struck two large boulders. The car rolled and he was thrown from the vehicle. Emergency responders pronounced him dead at the scene.

Ties to Big Pharma

As NaturalNews.com points out, there’s more to the story, much more. While John Noveske was one of the nation’s foremost authorities on the manufacturing of firearms, he was rapidly becoming an expert on pharmaceutical drugs and their connection to mass shootings. In fact, his final post on Facebook before his mysterious death was a hard-hitting, public blow against the Big Pharma industry.

Noveske posted a detailed list of 37 of the most recent mass shootings carried out by teenagers, young adults and even some small children. He also researched and posted the exact pharmaceutical drugs each mass murderer was taking at the time of the shootings. Like more and more Americans each day, John Noveske believed that the cause of all these recent slaughters isn’t guns, its prescription drugs. That was the last Facebook post he ever made. One week later, he was dead.

Second gun rights murder

At basically the same time John Noveske was meeting his death on a rural Oregon road, 2nd Amendment activist Keith Ratliff was being murdered on a similar deserted road in Carnesville, Georgia. Unlike Noveske however, Ratliff was found alone in his vehicle on the rural road with a single gunshot wound to the head. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

Keith Ratliff was a well known firearms enthusiast. He operated a wildly popular YouTube channel that specialized in high-powered rifles and miscellaneous explosives. With three million subscribers and a half billion page views, Ratliff ran the ninth most popular YouTube channel. Police have announced they are treating the incident as a homicide and not a suicide.

According to his wife Amanda, “It just doesn’t really add up.” What she’s referring to are two unexplained questions regarding the case. First, Ratliff was armed to the teeth at the time of his death, yet there was no struggle and he never fired off a shot. Second, when authorities arrived at the scene of the grizzly murder, they found a number of firearms near the victim’s body. Why didn’t the murderer steal them?

Amanda Ratliff has her own suspicions. “For him not to pull out that gun and try to defend himself, he had to feel comfortable around somebody. Either that or he was ambushed,” she told local reporters, “We all want to know and we all want justice to be done. He had way too much to look forward to in his life.” Keith Ratliff is survived by his wife and two year-old son.

The question is, are the two deaths related and do they have anything to do with the victims’ common interest in gun rights and the 2nd Amendment? As the weeks and months pass, fearful gun owners should have their answer. If more high profile gun rights activists begin to die mysterious deaths, it may be a sign that domestic death squads have returned.

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