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May 17, 2015

Funny Cartoon about Progressive Democrats

By Mark Wachtler

May 17, 2015. (ONN) There’s a website out there called Battlefield315 that has produced some hilarious, and truthful, animated cartoons about American liberals. We are staunch political independents here at Whiteout Press, as are most of our readers and subscribers. So, while we don’t agree with the conservatives on all the issues discussed in the short video, we do think the creators hit the nail on the head in portraying the blatant hypocrisy, sexism, racism and elitism that has infected progressives and their Democratic Party.

A scene from the humorous cartoon ‘Meet the Liberal Elite’, compliments of Battlefield315.com.

We don’t know who Battlefield315.com is, or was, as the last post on the site is from 2011. All we know is they released a series of cartoon videos with titles such as ‘Liberal Hollywood Explained’, ‘Gun Control Explained’, ‘Affirmative Action Explained’, and ‘Barack Obama Explained’, just to name a few. But the one this author enjoyed, compliments of our friend Beverly at the LinkedIn group Return of the Republic, is titled, ‘Meet the Liberal Elite’.


For those who enjoy a good laugh, watch the 13-minute video below. For the rest, we’ll pull a few examples from the back-and-forth exchange. The video setting is a typical corporate office kitchen, cartoon-style of course. A man and a woman meet each other. After introducing themselves, the woman immediately announces her political affiliation.

That first exchange sets the tone, as most conservative white males, as the other cartoon character is portrayed, know they can’t talk about conservative politics in a corporate office, especially uninvited. If you agree with that, you’ll love the video. If you’re arguing with that premise already, you might not enjoy it so much.

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‘Meet the Liberal Elite’ from Battlefield315.com


Here are some excerpts from the video (compliments of Battlefield315.com):


  • Liberal Elites

Conservative: It’s nice to meet you.

Liberal: Nice to meet you too Dave. I’m a liberal.

Conservative: Oh no. Why?

Liberal: Liberal elites are the brightest and best people to make decisions for everyone else.

Conservative: So you think the answer is to give the rich and powerful elites even more power and influence?

Liberal: Yes.


  • Taxes and Big Government

Conservative: Isn’t it selfish to take people’s money and tell them what to do?

Liberal: Not if you do it to help them.

Conservative: When I want to help people, I give money to charity.

Liberal: That’s why you will never change the world. Government programs are much better.

Conservative: When was the last time a government program helped you?

Liberal: Cash For Clunkers

Conservative: Did you really use Cash For Clunkers? Or is that the only name you can remember?

Liberal: I almost used it. It almost helped me.

Conservative: I see.

Liberal: Also, I will eventually receive Social Security.

Conservative: Do you really think Social Security will still be functioning by the time you retire?

Liberal: It’s possible.

Conservative: I have a feeling Social Security is another program that will almost help you.

  • Creationism and Evolution

Liberal: Republicans are against science.

Conservative: How so?

Liberal: They are creationists.

Conservative: And you’re not?

Liberal: Of course not. I am an atheist.

Conservative: How do you think the Universe began?

Liberal: It appeared very suddenly. There were tremendous forces involved.

Conservative: You think the world magically appeared out of nothing. Doesn’t that make you a creationist?


  • Patriotism and Discrimination

Liberal: Republicans are too patriotic. They don’t understand the horrible things that our country has done.

Conservative: Can you give an example?

Liberal: Slavery.

Conservative: The Republican Party was founded to stop that. America was not in favor of slavery, just the Democrats.

Liberal: America treated women as second-class citizens.

Conservative: The Republican Party got women the right to vote. The Democrats tried to stop them.

Liberal: Segregation, the KKK, Jim Crow laws.

Conservative: The Democrats were responsible for all of those things.

Liberal: Attacking the Native Americans.

Conservative: Democrats.

Liberal: Internment of Japanese Americans.

Conservative: Democrats.

  • Affirmative Action and Racism

Liberal: Republicans are bad because they are against affirmative action.

Conservative: Can you think of any good reason to discriminate against people for being white or Asian?

Liberal: White people deserve to be punished for their history of discrimination.

Conservative: That’s the history of the white Democrats, remember? White Republicans opposed them.

Liberal: Distinguishing between good and bad white people would be an administrative burden.

Conservative: So why should we discriminate against Asians?

Liberal: Their test scores are too high. They work too hard.

Conservative: Maybe that’s because affirmative action requires Asians to get higher and higher test scores to get into college.

Liberal: We will break them eventually. Then we will all be equal.

Conservative: I can see how much you enjoy helping people.

Liberal: Affirmative action is only temporary.

Conservative: Really? When will it end?

Liberal: Maybe in twenty years.

Conservative: Didn’t people say that twenty years ago? And twenty years before that?

Liberal: I’m too young to remember that.

  • Martin Luther King Jr.

Conservative: Didn’t Martin Luther King say that we should judge people by the content of their character rather than the…

Liberal: Please stop. I know what you are going to say. I hate that quote. I wish he never said that.

Conservative: Sorry.

Liberal: Affirmative action is necessary to fight anti-black discrimination.

Conservative: If anti-black discrimination is so rampant, then why are immigrants from Africa so economically successful?

Liberal: I think you may be a racist.

Readers get the gist of it. Other parts of the debate touch on global warming, illegal immigration, gerrymandering, media bias, and a few other hot topics. For readers that enjoyed the humorous cartoon, there are a dozen more at Battlefield315.com dedicated solely to each individual topic. We chose this video because it seemed to encompass them all.


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