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May 17, 2012

Fukushima Radiation Poisoning infecting US

By Mark Wachtler

May 17, 2012. Seattle. (ONN) With all due respect to the criminal rights of the Japanese Fukushima utility company that oversaw the nuclear disaster in Japan last year, it is now an unquestioned fact that radiation from across the Pacific has spread and saturated the US. First, it was radioactive debris washing ashore in California. Then it was food and machinery imported from Japan with high levels of radiation. Then, polar bears and other wildlife in the US began suffering from radiation poisoning. Now, hundreds of US flight attendants appear to be the latest American victims.

Giant radioactive debris field from Japan slowly crossing the Pacific Ocean and hitting the US.

Until now, Americans only had to contend with radioactive toys and electronics quietly being sold throughout the US on the discount market. Add to that a little tainted Japanese food and some infected car parts, most of which were caught at the border, the US government thinks. And don’t forget the polar bears – “the polar bears, daddy, the polar bears” (love that commercial). Well, any chance at saving the world’s polar bears from extinction just went out the window. As if the warming temperatures and disappearing ice and food weren’t bad enough, now the animal is plagued with skin sores and loss of fur, slowly dyeing out from what appears to be radiation poisoning.

Alaska Airlines

That’s where the official, agreed-upon story ends. According to officials and victims alike, a new mysterious illness afflicting the US airline industry has nothing to do with the nuclear explosions and resulting radiation emitted from the destroyed nuclear power plants in Fukushima, Japan.

As detailed in NaturalNews.com yesterday, “Hundreds of Alaska Airlines flight attendants have filed a formal complaint about uniforms they suspect might be causing their skin to rash and develop lesions, and their hair to fall out.” Still referring to it as a “mystery illness”, it appears nobody wants to be the one to put out a call for panic throughout the US. Media outlets in Seattle were the first to put a spotlight on what they termed the “mystery illness” among Alaska Airlines flight attendants. But even they wouldn’t point the finger at something as potentially deadly as radiation poisoning from Japan.

So far, 280 flight attendants have been stricken with the ‘mystery illness’. Reports describe, “Those afflicted by the condition say they have developed persistently itchy skin, skin lesions, and hair loss.”

Blame the new uniforms

Surprisingly, the victims, their union and the media have all suggested that the mystery illness that looks identical to radiation poisoning, is actually a result of the airlines giving toxic uniforms to its flight attendants. Reports reveal that the new uniforms, “allegedly contain tributyl phosphate, a toxic organophosphorus compound linked to skin problems.”

The theory is actually very believable. The Bush administration poisoned 103,000 American families and wasted billions of dollars when it provided emergency, temporary housing to the millions of victims of Hurricane Katrina. While government officials made matters worse by denying the allegations, the FEMA trailers were found to contain dangerously high levels of the toxic chemical formaldehyde. So, the thought that hundreds of uniforms provided to flight attendants throughout the American northwest may also be tainted with deadly chemicals, isn’t so far-fetched. At least that’s what the flight attendants union is suggesting.

A culture of denial

More than a month ago, researchers at AlaskaPublic.org began releasing their findings and documentation showing a massive epidemic of disease among the arctic’s polar bears. Symptoms included mysterious skin lesions and patchy hair loss. The study also revealed that polar bears weren’t alone. The mystery illness had also devastated the seal and walrus populations as well. Rather than alert the world to the obvious, considering the timing and symptoms, government officials instead blamed everything but radiation. They called it a virus, bacteria, even a natural occurrence. But they still won’t acknowledge the die-off is most likely due to radiation poisoning from Fukushima.

Consider the fact that the Earth rotates and everything that happens in Japan will slowly move across the Pacific Ocean and hit the US. Also consider that the first area in the US to be struck with radioactive debris was the west coast. The mystery illness devastating the polar bears, seals and walruses is also currently hitting western North America – Alaska and Canada’s Yukon territory. Now consider that the first mass human infections are taking place among Alaska Airline workers. Coincidence?

The rest of the story

While we’re covering the topic of possible radiation poisoning of American flight attendants due to the nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima last year, here are a few more related news items generally being kept from the American people.

  • Tests by Cal State University Long Beach on California’s Kelp population found the fish caught just off the Orange County coast had levels of radio-isotopes 250 times higher than before the Japanese nuclear accident. Scientific American 3/30/12.
  • US grass, hay and milk is contaminated with more than double the legal amount of radiation. 3 recent studies of milk purchased in San Francisco found all three batches contaminated with radio-isotopes. Scientists explained that milk will have a long-term contamination rate (2-30 years depending on specifics), because the nuclear fallout infects the grass and hay that dairy cows eat for years. Energy News 4/16/12.
  • Rainwater falling throughout the US has tested positive for radiation poisoning at 131 times the government recognized safe level. As scientists point out, ‘the rainwater coats the grass that cows eat, thus infecting the cow’s milk with radiation poisoning’. BayCitizen.org.
  • 100 million tons of radiation-infected debris is continually washing ashore on America’s west coast. Items traveling the 4,500 mile distance across the Pacific took 280 days to begin hitting the US after the Fukushima nuclear disaster and include a wide array of debris including, ‘wrecked fishing vessels to household furniture and even body parts.’ UK Daily Mail 12/16/11.

With both the Japanese and US governments going to obvious and great lengths to avoid raising the panic of massive and widespread radiation poisoning throughout America, it’s not likely the true level of danger Americans are in will ever be officially revealed, or even acknowledged. What we do know is that just after the Fukushima nuclear explosions, a radioactive cloud struck the United States with the initial and largest impact hitting southern and central California. It is there that seaweed levels testing positive for the radioactive iodine-131 showed levels 5-times that of any other location in the US. And with the radiation being spread throughout America via rain – infecting people, vegetation and animals – this problem is not isolated on the west coast.

According to experts, cancers and other effects from low-level, prolonged exposure to radiation will spike across the US over the next 9 years. And if Chernobyl is any indication, where 3 million people were victims of radiation poisoning, the Fukushima disaster was many times larger than Chernobyl. Americans can take heart however, the government is on the case.

Federal officials are already desperately trying to change official guidelines governing radiation poisoning, raising the level of acceptable radiation. That way, regardless of how much radiation infects the US, they can say it is within the safety level and poses no threat. While that is going on, victims will be paying close attention to the number cancer cases over the coming decade. Unfortunately, that’s how long it will take to prove which side is telling the truth.

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