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November 4, 2012

Feds Secret City occupying Utah Mountain

November 4, 2012. Bluffdale, Utah. This story is over 3 years old, but it’s a personal account, verified by the other witnesses present that day. It took this long for the participants to get their story out. That’s the reason we’re publishing it, and because it’s safe to say that this secret government mountain facility has only grown since then, like everything else in the federal government. While it’s impossible to confirm the story, a recent technology report appears to back-up the account and connect some of the dots.

Semi-secret federal spy facility surrounded by Utah mountains. Image courtesy of Wired.com.

When a carload of friends and family traveling from Wisconsin to Arizona stumbles across a federal facility lighting up the mountains of Utah, the scene is something out of the Twilight Zone or a UFO encounter. Here’s the story from one of the individuals in the car.

From PrepperPodcast.com:

Utah Spy Center uses Terror Tactics to keep the Public away – by M. Nelson.

I want to take the time and explains something to everyone. In January 2009, my wife and I and our friends made a spur of the moment trip to Arizona to meet our friends relatives. It was a quick week vacation which turned to one heck of an experience.

We drove a mini-van from Wisconsin to Arizona, also driving through the Rocky Mountains. We were semi prepared for the trip but did not do it legally. None of us had our license’s nor insurance on the vehicle. It was a risk we were willing to take to get out and have an adventure of a lifetime. Many things happened to us during the trip but one of which is extremely important to remember. While we were driving through Utah some freaking unknown things were going on.

We drove through a town that looked completely abandoned and very eerie to any person traveling that route. Yet no one was in sight for many many miles, and no lights on or around any of the houses or buildings. Except for one, a newly placed mobile home/trailer with metal fencing around it. It had a outside light on and newer white pickup truck outside of it. It caused us to question why everything was the way but we instead kept following the route to Arizona.

We had a Tom Tom which was programmed to our destination as well. After about a half hour we were then nearing the mountains in Utah such as the devils plateau etc. We noticed a bunch of lights, and I mean over a hundred lights all over the sides of these mountains. We kept looking all over for anything else to prevent surprise. Shortly after seeing these lights, some of those looked like they were moving. Which in fact they were. They were getting closer and closer and moving at a fast pace. They were snow mobiles but none of us knew why they were targeting us. They got right about to the sides of the road and then followed us for a while.

None of them tried to do anything but it seemed like we were not supposed to be over there. After 10 miles they finally left us alone and went back toward the lights on the side of the mountain. I want to say about 20 minutes after that the Tom Tom started to re-route its self to random destinations near us but there was no road to it. We kept trying to reset the destination to the address in Arizona but every time we did it changed to another destination yet again near us. It was freaking us out and making us frustrated at the same time.

We all started talking about government and conspiracy’s, UFOs, and etc. Saying stuff like someone must be listening to us and wondering if we will ever make it out of Utah. We finally gave up on what Tom Tom was telling us and decided to just remember how long it was before we would have to make a turn off that road. Quite some time later after refueling the vehicle at a gas-station during a snow storm.

There was a dozen white pickup trucks, they were newer and following closely to each other. About ever 3 to 4 that we passed one would swerve into our lane scaring the crap out of all of us. There was about 5 times that a dozen passed us. It got to the point where My friend and I decided to try and find some time of marker on the truck to figure out who they are. There was in fact some circle emblem on the door panels but we couldn’t make out what it was because it was dead of night and snowing out. As far as I can remember this is all that happened to us during the drive through Utah state. A lot of other stuff happened during the trip but as far as I know its unrelated. We told a lot of friends and family but they told us we are crazy.

We were so irritated that they were so close minded and sick of being shut out. We had seen it first hand and yet we were still accused of making stuff up.

From another person that was there:

“Yaa that s*** was crazy. Still gives me the chills til this day. I think the trucks started showing up before we even entered the town. The guy working at the gas station was a creep he looked at all of us weird like he was probably a part of the whole thing. We got out of there in a freakin hurry. Then after all that Tom Tom took us down a weird road that led us to a hill going down nothing but black ice underneath us. We couldn’t stop so no choice but to go downhill. Then it took us through a cornfield or something. I don’t know, but this s*** is real. Its one part of my life history I cannot, and will not ever forget. we were all scared to death. I honestly did not know if I was ever gonna see my family again it was that crazy. The snowmobiles were charging at us like something fierce. We did the speed limit cuz we didn’t want them to think something was up. It sucked cuz we were running out of gas. And the stretch was probably almost 20 miles maybe more…”

The above is from PrepperPodcast.com.

Read an additional account from Wired.com that the above witness says proves they were not making the story up regarding the events of that day in 2009.

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