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June 21, 2014

Feds label Students and Shoppers as Terrorists

June 21, 2014. New York. The United States federal government in Washington DC has a bizarre definition of the word terrorist. Based on the ever-growing criteria that makes one a terrorist, all Americans may just fall into that category now, at least as far as the White House is concerned. Under President Bush, church-goers and outdoorsmen were deemed terror threats. President Obama has added school students and holiday shoppers to the list.

Cowan Road Middle School calls a student conspiracy to violate the school dress code “terroristic threats”. Image courtesy of TheBlaze.com.

In September 2011, not a single criminal Wall Street banker had been brought to justice over the 2008 economic collapse and the economic fraud and theft that caused it. The American people had been sacked with three years worth of multi-trillion-dollar bailouts of the very people responsible for the financial devastation – wealthy investors, Wall St corporations and government employees. In response in September of 2011, Occupy Wall Street was born. And within two months, the US federal government countered with a secret effort, not to bring the criminal banking and insurance cartels to justice, but to protect them from the outraged and victimized American people.

Retail boycotts and employee strikes are acts of terror

Americans believe the Dept of Homeland Security is on the lookout for foreign terrorists who manage to infiltrate the US border and plan to carry out terror attacks against the American people. But in reality, leaked documents show that America’s secret police spend their time protecting the profits of multi-national corporations against the protests of angry consumers.

Documents obtained by the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund and published by Infowars reveal the chain of events in 2011 that led to a panicked mobilization across the United States of local, state and federal agents at the request of the nation’s shopping center industry trade group. With Occupy Wall Street born just two months prior, Homeland Security was enlisted to protect Black Friday sales profits from any and all acts of consumer rebellion.

One of the specific terror attacks the memo shows federal agents were determined to prevent was an organized boycott of ‘Black Friday’ shopping by American consumers. The November 22, 2011 memo from the Executive Director of the Washington DC Intelligence Fusion Division is titled ‘Black Friday Actions’ and includes an attachment titled, ‘Occupy Black Friday – 2011 General Brief’.

Terror warning

‘The attached document was prepared by the International Council of Shopping Centers regarding possible actions by the Occupy movements to disrupt retail activity on Friday,’ the law enforcement memo reads, ‘Please review and develop a one page product that we can send to our District Commanders to make them aware of the potential threat.’ Notice the 30-page report that government counter terror agencies used wasn’t from their own investigators, but that of Wall Street’s Council of Shopping Centers.

The warning from Homeland Security included potential terror attacks that individual agents from local police and federal agencies were ordered to be on the watch for. The list included consumers cutting up their credit cards, employee strikes, and even the widespread idea fueled by social media to not shop or use fuel or electricity in a one-day show of mass protest. In short, anything and anyone that planned to disrupt Black Friday retail sales were considered a terrorist threat.

Proving that the Dept of Homeland Security was scrambling to protect multi-national corporations and not America, the memo specifically warned against domestic terrorists who printed up fliers and posters telling shoppers to ‘buy local’ and ‘do your shopping at a small independent merchant’.

Students violating school dress code are terrorists

Twenty-four 7th and 8th graders in Georgia were suspended by Cowan Road Middle School for what their principal called, “terroristic threats.” In reality, the kids had simply taken to social media to try and organize a humorous and peaceful act of protest against their school’s dress code. School officials didn’t even wait for any of the students to violate the school uniform code. Instead, they combed through dozens of Facebook posts for students who replied with comments to create the school’s list of terrorists.

One student posted the suggestion that everyone wear red on one day. Another suggested everyone wear their pajamas to school. WSB-TV in Atlanta interviewed one suspended 7th grader who recalled for the network, “And [the principal] was like, ‘OK, you’re a threat to our school,’ and then she suspended me.”

A separate suspended 7th grader relayed her story. According to the student, she saw the post on Facebook about wearing red one day during the final week of school. She posted a simple reply stating, “I’m in.” When the day came, she didn’t actually follow through and violate the dress code. But that didn’t matter. She was suspended anyway for posting that terrorist threat. “I was too scared and I didn’t wear a red shirt,” she told the Atlanta TV news outlet, “It would’ve been like I was actually a part of it.”

Angry parents said they weren’t notified by the school and that officials overreacted. They suggested the school could have just let the parents know about the not-so-secret plan by the students and the parents could have insured their children obeyed the dress code. Instead, the 24 suspended students must now face a government ‘tribunal’ to see if additional action should be taken against them.

In response to these recent and growing domestic terror threats, the Justice Department has announced it will revive its domestic terror task force. The Domestic Terrorism Executive Committee will be headed up by the FBI, the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee, and the National Security Division of the Justice Department.


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