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expert china admits us 30 year policy disaster


March 1, 2015

Expert on China admits US 30-year Policy a Disaster

By Mark Wachtler

March 1, 2015. Washington. (ONN) Thirty years ago, Communist China had nothing and America had everything. The two nations were unofficially at war with each other, fighting in Korea and having only a cease fire instead of a peace treaty or armistice. But both Democrats and Republicans in the US suddenly switched sides, going so far as to award America’s enemy with ‘most favored nation’ status. Today, the two countries are near parity. And within two decades, China will be the world’s biggest superpower, all compliments of American money and technology.

China’s official military spending. It’s thought the country’s true military budget is double or triple this. Image courtesy of GlobalSecurity.org.

Traitors among us

Some have been warning for 30 years that aiding an enemy nation that America is fighting a war against is not only stupid, it’s suicidal and treasonous. That’s why it was so peculiar in the 1980’s and 1990’s when both of America’s establishment political parties took tens of millions of dollars in illegal cash payments from China’s People’s Liberation Army in exchange for America’s military and technology secrets, and nobody seemed to care. Republicans under President Reagan designated China as America’s ‘Most Favored Nation’, providing ongoing amounts of priceless technology and money.

Democrats under President Clinton continued the unbelievable policy. The Clinton Presidential campaign was forced to return millions of dollars in illegal Chinese bribes it received throughout the 1992 campaign. And as soon as the Democrats took the White House, they transferred authority for selling American military secrets from the Defense Dept, who refused to sell top secret military technology to an enemy, to the Commerce Dept where newly appointed and soon to be murdered Secretary Ron Brown gave the People’s Liberation Army our most advanced military secrets. Read the Whiteout Press article from our Timeless section titled, ‘How China conquered America’ for the full story.

Continuing into the late 1990’s and 2000’s, about the only thing both American establishment political parties appeared to agree on was the need to transfer America’s wealth, technology, commerce and manufacturing to the Communist Chinese. Many Republicans argued that China was a third world country with the largest population on Earth. If the US could give them trillions of dollars, they would spend some of that on American products, funneling a small percentage of American wealth to multi-national Wall Street corporations. The Democrats seemed to take a more defeatist approach, with the same devastating results. Many warned that China would rule the world someday, including America, and it was in the Party’s interest to join the side of the victors early on.


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Today, China is America’s patron and master. If the Communist Chinese military ever stopped loaning money to the American people, the United States would most-likely collapse. Last year, and every year for the past few decades, the American people transferred over $300 billion to China via the one-sided pro-China economic policy championed by three decades of Republican and Democratic Party leaders. The Chinese economy just surpassed America as the largest in the world. And the Communist Chinese Navy just passed the US as having the largest military Navy in the world. And nearly every bit of it is compliments of the American people.

Treason unmasked

Last month, one of Washington DC’s chief architects of America’s suicidal 30-year China policy published a book titled, ‘The Hundred-Year Marathon – China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower’. Author Michael Pillsbury has worked for nearly every Presidential administration since Nixon. He’s been one of America’s loudest and most powerful pro-China advocates inside the US government. According to his new book however, he was wrong and he and the American people were “duped” by the Chinese government.

The New York Post spoke to Michael Pillsbury, author of ‘The Hundred-Year Marathon’, as part of the book’s release last month. The publication writes, ‘He readily admits that, as a key influencer of US government policy toward China for the past four decades, he had long been one of many in the federal government pushing the US toward full cooperation with China, including heavy financial and technological support, under the belief that the country was headed in a more democratic, free-market direction.’

“Looking back,” Pillsbury writes in his book, “it was painful that I was so gullible.” He goes on to describe how he fell for the Democratic Party’s position that China was, “a helpless victim of Western imperialists.” While Republicans saw they could transfer trillions of dollars from the American people, through China, and into Wall Street corporate pockets, the Democrats saw they could reduce the power of America’s imperial Empire by raising that of the Communist Chinese.

America – from puppet master to puppet

Michael Pillsbury now admits in his book that America’s pro-China policies are, “The most systemic, significant and dangerous intelligence failure in American history.” He details how past and current Democrat and Republican administrations believed they could own and control China as it emerged as a global superpower. “We underestimated the influence of China’s hawks,” he says of China’s nationalist leaders, “Every one of the assumptions behind that belief was wrong – dangerously so.”

The author and 40-year veteran of US foreign policy concludes, “For decades, the US government has freely handed over sensitive information, technology, military know-how, intelligence and expert advice to the Chinese. Indeed, so much has been provided for so long that…there is no full accounting. And what we haven’t given the Chinese, they’ve stolen.”

Rather than admit that he and his Republican and Democratic bosses in Washington reversed China and America’s rolls in the world due to hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes by Chinese officials, any number of which have already been exposed, he insists he and the rest of the Washington establishment were unwitting victims of an elaborate, secret, 100-year campaign by the Chinese to become the world’s number one superpower.

Pillsbury takes personal responsibility and admits he was the first Washington bureaucrat to publicly call on the US to build up China’s military and to transfer America’s military technology secrets to the Communist military dictatorship. The NY Post writes, ‘He admits that it was he, in a 1975 article in Foreign Policy, who first “advocated military ties between the United States and China,” and that the idea had been proposed to him by officers in the Chinese military.’

One paragraph from the report sums up what’s been going on since the Reagan administration, ‘Under President Ronald Reagan, for whom Pillsbury served as a foreign policy adviser, the Pentagon agreed to “sell advanced air, ground, naval and missile technology to the Chinese to transform the People’s Liberation Army into a world-class fighting force,” later including “nuclear cooperation and development…to expand China’s military and civilian nuclear programs.” Reagan also assisted in China’s development of industries such as “intelligent robotics, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, lasers, supercomputers, space technology and manned spaceflight.”’

Author Michael Pillsbury explains that the entire US-China friendship has been a deceptive Chinese charade with the sole intention of taking America’s place in the hierarchy of world power. As evidence, he points to the textbooks the Communist Chinese use to educate the nation’s children in the country’s state-run schools. “Starting in 1990,” he says, “Chinese textbooks were rewritten to depict the United States as a hegemony that, for more than 150 years, had tried to stifle China’s rise and destroy the soul of Chinese civilization.”

China – America’s future master

Anyone who doubts China’s power over America need only look at the annual trade deficit between the two countries and the amount of money the Communists loan America every day just to keep the US system from collapsing. Hollywood film producers even changed the remake of the movie Red Dawn to please the Chinese military. The film, which originally showed China invading America, was changed to make the invaders a mysterious horde of non-existent North Koreans.

Here’s more evidence in the form of a trivia question. What country was the first to successfully use military weapons in space? The answer, China. They successfully shot down an orbiting satellites before any other nation had the capability to do so. And the technology they used to do it all came from the United States. Not surprisingly, Michael Pillsbury cites that military capability as one of the many non-traditional military tactics the Communist Chinese have developed specifically to cripple the seemingly powerful US military. It’s no secret that America’s entire military apparatus is almost 100% dependent on global positioning satellites. Without those satellites, the American military is deaf, dumb, blind and crippled.

The author reinforces his warning with statistics from authorities like the RAND Corporation, one of the Pentagon’s oldest and most trusted advisers. Pillsbury quotes a RAND report for the US Defense Dept saying that China’s ramped-up military spending and proliferation, “paints a picture of near parity, if not outright Chinese military superiority, by mid-century.” And it hasn’t escaped the experts that the nuclear warheads now pointing at US cities from Chinese submarines lurking off America’s coasts were all developed and manufactured using American-supplied secret military technology.

The author also touches on other methods the Chinese are using to replace America on the world stage. Just a sampling of the known activities by the People’s Liberation Army include espionage, cyber war, bringing down both Wall Street and America’s power grid with a simple computer hack, counterfeiting, and the tactic that may prove to be fatal for the United States – replacing the US Dollar as the world’s currency.

The American people are oblivious to the fact that the Obama administration printed trillions of dollars in unbacked paper money. And the only thing keeping it from being worthless is the fact that the world is forced to use the US Dollar as the global currency. And the US military is pointed at any country that would dare stop using dollars in their international transactions. Because if that were to happen, the US Dollar would collapse, followed by the US economy, followed by the US government. But evidence suggests that series of events is already underway. Read the Whiteout Press articles, ‘133 G77 Nations vow to destroy America’s New World Order’ and ‘Russia-China Deals move US Dollar closer to Collapse’ for the latest details.


Read more about China’s secret plan to conquer America by ordering your own copy of Michael Pillsbury’s book, ‘The Hundred Year Marathon – China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower’.


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