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dnc rigs convention vote for god and israel


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September 5, 2012

DNC rigs Convention Vote for God and Israel

September 5, 2012. Charlotte. Rushing to force through an amendment adding God and Israel’s right to Jerusalem back into the Democratic platform, the party violated its own rules and rigged a nationally televised voice vote that obviously defeated the proposal. LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa stuttered and stumbled before calling for three subsequent revotes. The measure was obviously defeated, but the establishment ignored the vote, carrying the motion anyway. Watch the video here.

LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa tries to settle down an angry Democratic convention after passing a motion to amend the platform that obviously failed. Image courtesy of C-SPAN.

God and Jerusalem removed

Still unexplained to the Democratic rank and file, or the Republican attack dogs who smell blood, the DNC platform committee removed the word God from its platform, along with the recognition that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, something the vast majority of the world refuses to acknowledge.

Specifically, Democrats removed the word ‘God’ from the platform line proclaiming that the government, ‘gives everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential.’ The line about Jerusalem that was removed said, ‘it is and will remain the capital of Israel.’

For 24 solid hours, the corporate national news media repeatedly harped on the controversy. Instead of reporting any outrage about the removal of God however, CNN anchors like Wolf Blitzer were beside themselves over the removal of Israel’s right to Jerusalem. Segment after segment, network after network, showed a united outrage over the DNC insult to the Israelis. But barely a peep about the insult to God.

Rigged vote

Shortly after the second day of the Democratic Convention was gaveled open by today’s featured convention chair LA Mayor Villaraigosa, the proceedings were suddenly stopped to make way for an emergency change in itinerary. Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland was introduced and given the mic and spotlight from his seat on the convention floor. Coincidentally, Strickland is the co-chair of the very same platform committee that inexplicably removed the language in the first place.

To a half-empty arena, the former Governor introduced himself as a United Methodist minister and announced that he was making an official motion to change the Democratic platform yet again, this time, adding back in the removed language about God and Jerusalem.

Instead of holding two separate votes for the two separate blocks of language however, platform co-chair Strickland tied them into one motion and moved to suspend the rules to skip debate and move for an immediate voice vote on the measure. The vote to suspend the rules carried with an estimated 80% of the voice votes of the delegates present.

As cameras panned throughout the crowd, it was obvious that none of the delegates knew what was going on. Almost as if they were still cheering on the next speaker in line and not realizing they were voting to change their platform, the vote to suspend the rules was weak and unsure.

Recount, recount, recount

With the rules suspended, a two-thirds vote was needed to adopt former Governor Strickland’s proposal adding back in the language. Mayor Villaraigosa acted as convention chair and put the motion to a voice vote calling out to the crowd of delegates, “All those delegates in favor say aye.” Roughly half the audience erupted in cheers of ‘aye’.

Villaraigosa continued, “All those delegates opposed say no.” Again, roughly half the crowd yelled ‘no’. A surprised Antonio Villaraigosa went from being about to rubber-stamp the voice vote to questioning what he should do. “In the opinion of the…Let me do that again,” he chuckled. To his initial credit, he saw right away the ayes did not carry and he at least called for a second vote. In reality, the ‘no’s ‘ actually won the first voice vote, while the second two were ties.

After the second vote, a confused Mayor Villaraigosa looked around the stage for help. With his mouth hanging open, he could only say, “I, um, I guess.”

Full video of the event, as posted onto YouTube immediately after.

Quietly coming to his rescue was a woman who appeared to be some kind of committee or parliamentary rules chair. Instructing the dumbfounded Viillaraigosa, the southern Democrat with a heavy accent told the LA Mayor, “You gotta let ‘em do what they’re gonna do.”

The final fraudulent vote

“I’ll do that one more time,” Villaraigosa warned the audience, “All those delegates in favor, say aye!” “Aye!!!” came back thunderously from the arena. “All those delegates opposed, say no,” he followed. “No!!!” shouted half the delegates. It was sincerely a 50-50 tie voice vote. It was also nowhere near the two-thirds ‘aye’ vote needed to adopt the changes.

Ignoring the results of the delegate vote, as well as their own suspended and non-suspended rules, Antonio Villaraigosa announced on behalf of the DNC, “In the opinion of the chair, two-thirds have voted in the affirmative. The motion is adopted and the platform has been amended as shown on the screen.” His announcement was met with thunderous boos from the delegates.

The television cameras then panned the arena, showing scores of delegates holding ‘Arab American Democrat’ signs, shaking their heads in disgust.

If the Democrats were hoping to make an issue out of the way the Republicans changed their own rules at their convention last week, giving the establishment the power to hand-pick all future Presidential nominees, they may have just lost the moral high ground. For the Democratic Party establishment to fraudulently change the outcome of a vote that was held live on national television, it shows they really are no different than their arch rivals in the GOP. And if this is the way the Republicans and Democrats rule over their own parties, it’s no wonder they rule over the American people the same way.

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