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October 8, 2015

Country Maps by Penis Size, Breasts, IQ, Freedom, more

By Mark Wachtler

October 8, 2015. (ONN) Have you ever wondered which country’s citizens have the largest penises or the biggest breasts? Ever wondered which countries have the smartest or dumbest people? Maybe you want to know which ones consume the most alcohol. Or perhaps you’ve wondered which countries around the world have the most freedom and freedom of the press. Look no further. We’ve scoured the world of data and maps to bring readers all these fascinating statistics and more.

Not to insult anyone’s intelligence, but this map shows average IQ score by country.

Average Penis Size

Giving Africa a run for its money, it looks like South America is challenging the old stereotype. Sorry Southeast Asia.

Average Breast Size

Scandinavia and Russia are the big girls in this category. But the US is close behind.

Alcohol Consumption

Russia and its former eastern European satellites are still on top of the world when it comes to alcohol consumption.

Freedom of the Press

Reporters without Borders gives us this map showing Scandinavia and Canada with the greatest press freedom.

Great Britain’s conquests

These are all the countries ever invaded by England. At last count, there were only 22 nations in the world the British haven’t invaded.


Many countries don’t provide obesity statistics. But of the ones that do, the US is at the top of the list.

Government Employees

The highest paid government employees in each state are entirely from the University sector, with most being sports coaches.


The countries with the most cigarette smokers are Russia and its eastern European neighbors.


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