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countdown to united we stand fest at ucla 12 days


April 28, 2014

Countdown to United We Stand Fest at UCLA – 12 Days

April 28, 2014. Los Angeles. With just 12 days until the long awaited United We Stand Festival at UCLA, event organizers continue to update the line-up of confirmed speakers and participants with bigger and bigger names. Just confirmed, former US Congressman and Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich will be there, joining a host of other grassroots activists, including past Libertarian and Green Presidential candidates Gary Johnson and Dr Jill Stein.

Whiteout Press has been promoting United We Stand Fest since April 10th…2013! We can hardly believe the day is just about here. First scheduled for a small venue in Little Rock, we knew the event bringing together grassroots activists from the left, right and center would attract a bigger crowd than event organizers anticipated. And we were right. It was quickly moved to UCLA in Los Angeles, but again had to be postponed…for an entire year. But, the day is finally here. Unfortunately, we don’t have the means to be there ourselves. But perhaps readers can send us a souvenir and a picture or two.

Festival continues to grow

United We Stand Fest is organized by our good friends at Free & Equal. They’re the same ones, led by Christina Tobin, that sponsored and carried out the Presidential debates in both 2008 and 2012. Not the debates that only allow candidates of the two establishment parties to participate, the ones that always invite any Presidential candidate on enough state ballots to have a mathematical chance of winning. No rigged polling requirements using polls that only include two candidates, but real, free and equal elections.

With a track record like Free & Equal has, it’s no wonder the biggest names from both the right and the left have energetically flocked to participate at UCLA on May 10th. The latest is Dennis Kucinich. A former independent-leaning Democrat run out of Congress by his own party for his reform policies, Kucinich is highly regarded by festival organizers. Speaking of the former Congressman, Free & Equal writes, ‘He continues to speak out against US interventionism, the use of GMOs, and the Federal Reserve system. He has been an inspiration for many Free and Equal supporters, and we are pleased to have him on board.’

As mentioned above, Kucinich joins Gary Johnson, Jill Stein and an impressive list of other participants including former CNN host and 2012 debate co-moderator Larry King, possibly former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, and even Ben & Jerry, yes the ice cream guys. Musical performances will be performed by an even more diverse line-up including Flavor Flav and Public Enemy. Country, rap, folk, blues, R & B – they’re all going to be represented at United We Stand Fest.

Additional speakers and participants

To give readers a sense of just how big the coming festival at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion will be, other speakers and participants include civil rights activist Amelia Boynton Robinson, anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, 19-year-old founder of People Against the NDAA Dan Johnson, Hustlebear.com founder Judd Weiss, Occupy’s Justin Wedes, political comedian Lee Camp, writer-poet Maytha Alhassen-Sawaha, NORML’s Sabrina Fendrick, Sheriff Richard Mack, and a host of representatives from Buzzsaw, Young Americans for Liberty and Students for Liberty.

Best of all, some of Whiteout Press’ favorite people are going to be at United We Stand Fest on May 10th. Tops on our list is host of RT’s cable TV show Breaking The Set, Abby Martin. Joining Abby will be our good friend and Libertarian singer-songwriter Tatiana Moroz, as well as former CNN reporter Amber Lyon and event host and organizer Christina Tobin of Free & Equal.

Nearly a year ago, we quoted United We Stand Fest organizer Christina Tobin summing up the overall theme of the monumental gathering coming up in 12 days. She explained, “Free and Equal Elections will host a first of its kind, peaceful, positive, and powerful solution-based movement uniting Occupy, Tea Party, Third Party, Republican, Democrat and Independent leaders across the spectrum which will result in saving our world.” That’s the plan. And it seems like everyone who’s not part of the establishment is with the program. This festival should truly be historic. Our hats off to organizers for their persistence, effort and vision.

One final thought, we hope this gathering of patriotic Americans won’t go by without a mention and appeal for America’s lone official POW, Bowe Bergdahl. He’s not with the establishment, or the opposition. He’s just a kid from Idaho. And he’s America’s only POW from the Iraq and Afghan Wars. Maybe someone up on that stage at UCLA in front of thousands of grassroots activists will give Bowe a mention.

Tickets are on sale now for $17.76 – not a bad price as far as historic events go. To purchase tickets or to obtain more information, visit UnitedWeStandFest.com. For more information on Christina Tobin and the event organizers, visit FreeAndEqual.org.


The official United We Stand Fest trailer.


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