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October 16, 2014

Consequences mounting for Israeli cleansing of Palestine

By Mark Wachtler

October 16, 2014. Bethlehem. (ONN) As Israel steps up its ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian West Bank and the systematic destruction of the country’s infrastructure, the rest of the world is publicly condemning the inhumane actions recently taken by the Israeli regime and its militant supporters. They include fire-bombed mosques, murdered kids, tens of thousands forced out of their homes, power grids destroyed, and thousands of Palestinian acres annexed by the Jewish state in Israel’s own version of Manifest Destiny.

Ethnic cleansing of non-Jews from the Palestinian West Bank. Image courtesy of ThePeoplesVoice.org.

The state-sponsored terror tactics listed above aren’t a summary of the Israel-Palestine conflict over past years. They’re the actions that have taken place just in the last 30 days. And in response, Sweden and the UK voted to recognize Palestine as a sovereign nation, the UN has condemned Israel, Belgium has demanded reparations, the EU has banned products produced in Israeli occupied territory, the Arab League issued a united warning to Israel, boycotts of Israeli goods and services have been launched around the world, and the state of Israel has demonstrated its insincere overtures of peace with its campaign of ethnic cleansing.

Forced expulsion of non-Jews

A report three weeks ago from AFP and Yahoo News documented the United Nations’ appeal to all the countries of the world to stand up to Israel and its announced plan to forcefully relocate 12,500 non-Jews from their homes in the suburbs east of Jerusalem. Their homes will be taken over by Israeli Jews while an additional 1,200 homes will be built by Jewish settlers. “If such a plan were implemented, this would give rise to concerns that it amounts to a forcible transfer in contravention of the Fourth Geneva Convention,” said UN Commissioner General Pierre Krahenbuhl, referring to the global ban on involuntary population relocation.

In addition to the Israeli government’s ethnic cleansing program, roving bands of Jewish militants have simultaneously been terrorizing the Palestinian residents of the West Bank. Last week, the latest attack occurred when dozens of Jewish extremists left the Israeli settlement of Kfar Tappuah and stormed the Palestinian village of Yasuf. Attempting to force the Palestinian civilians to flee the West Bank, the Israeli mob destroyed much of the town’s olive harvest and damaged numerous homes.


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A report from the Washington Post last month doesn’t criticize the Israeli ethnic cleansing of the West Bank, but instead touts the announcement that the Jewish population currently occupying the Palestinian West Bank has grown to 382,031. Israeli nationalists have publicly stated their target for annualized Jewish population growth in the Palestinian state is 4% per year. They’re on target to match that this year.

Illustrating that the terror attacks on Palestinians are widespread and growing, the Times of Israel reported two days ago that another mob of Jewish extremists in the occupied West Bank attacked another Palestinian town. The Israelis attacked a mosque in the village of Aqraba, near Nablu, breaking windows and lighting the house of worship on fire. The Zionist militants also spray painted threats and warnings on the burning mosque. Authorities believe the attack was carried out by a group of ultra-nationalist Jewish settlers that have also attacked Christian churches and even pro-peace Jewish groups.

The world responds

Two weeks ago, the government of Belgium condemned Israel over its destruction of a major West Bank power grid responsible for providing much of Palestine with electricity. The military attack on Palestinian utilities is considered by many to be an act of genocide against defenseless civilians. But officials in Belgium are extremely angry at Israel for another reason – the Belgians paid for and built that Palestinian power plant. Wreaking as much misery on the civilian population as possible, Israel went so far as to uproot 70 electric poles and miles of electric wires. Belgium has condemned the act of terror and demanded financial compensation from the Jewish state.

Earlier this week, IB Times reported that the European Union has announced their boycott of Israeli-made dairy products emanating from the occupied West Bank will begin in January. To punish the Jewish state for its ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian lands, the EU will ban the import of products such as powdered milk, eggs and chicken. Israeli authorities shrugged off the announcement saying that the country’s dairy market is a local one and only a small amount of products coming from the Jewish-occupied West Bank are exported to Europe.

Showing that it isn’t only European nations that are stepping up the pressure on Israel, the Kuwait News Agency reported earlier this week that the Arab League had issued a statement of warning to Israel over its current campaign of systematic violence against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank. The statement was released by the Arab League’s Assistant Secretary General Mohammad Subeih and warned that there could be no Middle East peace so long as the ethnic cleansing of Palestine continues.

A report from the Daily Star two days ago details how European Union banks have stopped making loans to Israeli institutions operating in the Palestinian West Bank. And the EU is in the process of requiring all consumer products made in the occupied West Bank to be labeled as such in order to be sold in Europe. The account also details how earlier this month, Sweden officially recognized the sovereign state of Palestine. On Monday, the UK followed suit and also overwhelmingly voted to recognize Palestine. The non-binding vote in the UK’s House of Commons supported the recognition of a Palestinian nation by the lopsided vote of 274-12.


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