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August 4, 2014

CDC Ebola Patent could earn Billions from a Pandemic

By Mark Wachtler

August 4, 2014. Atlanta. (ONN) Panic is slowly spreading across the globe, just like the deadly and incurable Ebola virus. Americans in particular are shocked and outraged that their government is purposely bringing the disease into their country rather than quarantine the victims in Africa. These are the very same experts just humiliated for their incompetent mishandling of Bubonic Plague and a host of other pandemic-causing diseases. And why are Monsanto, the CDC and the Dept of Defense in the middle of it all?

The CDC owns Ebola patent and would make billions off a global pandemic. Image courtesy of TheHealthSite.com.

Possibly the two most feared and hated entities on Earth are the US military and the Monsanto corporation. Together, they gave the world the WMD Agent Orange and more recently, genetically modified organisms (GMOs). So it probably shouldn’t have been a surprise to find out they are financially invested in the company at the center of the current Ebola epidemic. What is a surprise is that US authorities have now brought two Ebola infected victims into America, exponentially increasing the chances of the virus spreading across our country.

Countdown to pandemic

Is the world about to be hit with an Ebola pandemic and the millions of fatalities that would accompany it? Are Americans, Europeans and Asians already unknowingly exposed, with unsuspecting victims walking the streets spreading the virus to billions of others? The frightening fact is, nobody knows yet. And the key to finding out is watching the calendar.

On July 18, Patrick Sawyer sent a text message to his wife and kids in Minnesota without any mention of feeling ill as he worked in Africa. The naturalized US citizen and employee of Liberia’s Finance Ministry was caring for his ailing sister in the African country until she passed away two weeks ago, all while not knowing what was causing her illness. She died of Ebola.

By July 20, Sawyer was violently ill but boarded two commercial flights anyway. Flying ASKY Airlines, he traveled for over six hours, with a stopover in Ghana, a plane change in Togo, and then onto Lagos, Nigeria where he was supposed to attend an international economic conference. During both flights and the stopover, Patrick Sawyer exhibited all the typical symptoms of Ebola infection. He was violently coughing and spraying blood and mucus throughout the plane’s cabin.

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When his plane touched down in Lagos and Sawyer departed and walked through the airport, still violently coughing and bleeding all over himself, he finally collapsed. He was taken to a hospital in Obalende, located in a densely populated section of the Nigerian city. On July 25, Patrick Sawyer died from the Ebola virus. The hospital was immediately evacuated and quarantined for a week while authorities and hospital workers decontaminated the entire facility.

Since Ebola has an 8 to 10-day incubation period and hemorrhagic bleeding occurs 4 to 5 days after the disease’s onset, it’s estimated that Patrick Sawyer was infected by his dying sister on July 6. His symptoms – internal and external bleeding from the gums, eyes, nose, ears, genitals, lungs, etc. – were pronounced by July 20 when he flew on two planes with dozens of other passengers.

That means that all those exposed travelers would first be showing initial symptoms of Ebola only four days ago, with internal and external bleeding beginning only today. Those passengers have since interacted with hundreds of other people, who have interacted with hundreds more, and so on, and so on.

Who did he interact with?

African officials are now frantically seeking out all of Patrick Sawyer’s fellow passengers on his two flights, as well as all the various airline and airport employees who may have come in contact with him. So far, they’re not having as much luck as they had hoped. The 44 hospital workers who were exposed to Sawyer were easily identified and are currently under observation and quarantine.

15 fellow travelers from the two airports were also identified, including Nigeria’s Ambassador to Liberia. But what about all the others? Nigerian officials reluctantly announced that they had no way of identifying all the other passengers on Patrick Sawyer’s two flights. The airline, ASKY, didn’t use passenger lists. Now, health officials fear there are two plane-loads of people unknowingly infected with Ebola and spreading it to their own towns and countries. And nobody knows who they are.

As reported by Natural News last week, Nigerian authorities estimate that 200 air travelers were exposed to Ebola by Patrick Sawyer on the day of his two flights. The account says Nigerian officials have been painstakingly tracking down each individual person exposed on that day and in the days since. Like a pyramid, the number of possible victims stemming from Patrick Sawyer alone, and included on the Nigerian government’s list of people to find, is now 30,000.

The UK’s Mirror had even more frightening numbers to announce. They report that Nigerian authorities have only been able to confirm the identities of 59 fellow travelers exposed to Ebola by Sawyer on July 20. Of those 59, officials have only been able to track down and quarantine 20 of them.

Monsanto and Pentagon in the middle

On July 9, Tekmira Pharmaceuticals in Canada announced it had received an initial $1.5 million investment from America’s Monsanto, with tens of millions more to follow. The company’s press release explains that the partnership is related to Tekmira’s patented agri-pharma products. In other words, drugs for plants. Monsanto is the largest agricultural seed supplier in the world. The company has also become one of the most hated over its genetically modified food products and the unethical methods the multi-national corporation uses.

While the Monsanto-Tekmira partnership has no known connection to the current Ebola epidemic, the Canadian pharmaceutical company’s deal with the US Department of Defense is specifically for Ebola. A second press release two weeks ago from Tekmira Pharmaceuticals announced the deal with the Pentagon. The US military is paying the company $140 million to test drug treatments for Ebola. The announcement describes how the study is still in its infancy, testing low doses of drugs on healthy subjects to see how high the doses can get before the body has adverse reactions.

We at Whiteout Press suspect the unprecedented flying into the US of an Ebola patient, two at last count, might have something to do with helping Tekmira test its drugs on actual Ebola victims rather than healthy volunteers. Drug trials need controlled settings, which don’t exist in African hospitals. But they exist at Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital. Atlanta is also home to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), no coincidence.

White House and CDC hold patent on Ebola and its treatment

With the recent panic over a global Ebola pandemic, our friends at Natural News discovered that the US federal government actually took out a patent on the Ebola virus in 2010. The patent application is in the name of, ‘The Government Of The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health & Human Services, Center For Disease Control.’

‘The invention provides the isolated human Ebola (hEbola) viruses denoted as Bundibugyo (EboBun) deposited with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”; Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America) on November 26, 2007 and accorded an accession number 200706291,’ the patent description reads, ‘The present invention is based upon the isolation and identification of a new human Ebola virus species, EboBun. EboBun was isolated from the patients suffering from hemorrhagic fever in a recent outbreak in Uganda.’

Natural News goes on to explain that the patent not only grants DHHS and the CDC exclusive ownership of the Ebola strain it extracted from a Ugandan victim, it also claims ownership over all other similar Ebola variations. Showing what the CDC’s true agenda might be, the patent also claims exclusive ownership of most, if not all, Ebola treatments, tests, experiments, vaccines and drugs.

The report concludes, ‘This patent may help explain why Ebola victims are being transported to the United States and put under the medical authority of the CDC. These patients are carrying valuable intellectual property assets in the form of Ebola variants, and the Centers for Disease Control clearly desires to expand its patent portfolio by harvesting, studying and potentially patenting new strains or variants.’


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