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Captured Spy Drone is disguised as a real Bird

By Mark Wachtler

This camera-equipped spy drone crashed in Somalia and was captured by local residents.

July 27, 2016. Somalia (ONN) A captured Spy Drone that crashed in Somalia reveals that governments are actually using fake birds to spy. Once only a futuristic prediction, this crashed unmanned aerial vehicle confirms the use of UAV’s disguised as birds. But which government is using this advanced spy technology? Some suggest the Somali government is behind it. Others point to the US military.

When this particular bird-drone crashed in Mogadishu, Somalia a couple weeks ago, it was captured by local Somalis. One of them was a self-described political activist who photographed it and then publicized the find on social media. The caption Adam A. Omar included with the photo read, “An unusual looking drone resembling a bird that crashed in Mogadishu’s Waabari district yesterday.”

This particular bird-drone appears to be 3-4 feet in width at full wing span and made of metal. It also has design characteristics similar to a World War 2 fighter plane. The drone has foldable wings and utilizes two wing-mounted propellers to fly. As confirmed by the local Somalis who captured it, the crashed UAV also contained a camera for aerial surveillance.

 Since neither a government nor a military contractor has come forward and claimed ownership of the downed spy drone, onlookers have been left to speculate on who is now using such advanced drone technology. Local Somalis accuse their own government of spying on them. While others have pointed to a mysterious air base in Somalia rumored to be housing a secret US military drone base.

This particular bird-drone may be considered advanced technology to most of the world. But it’s actually old technology for the US military. Horizontal flying drones designed to look like giant birds have been in the US military’s arsenal for years. On the cutting edge these days are tiny drones that are as small as insects and drones that can take off vertically and hover in mid-air.

If the owners/operators of the crashed Somali bird-done are identified, we’ll update this article.

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