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Canary Stories #11 – Unbridled Injustices

An update of Canary Story #3


By Wendy Greene

The Dewey family and friends

October 2, 2016. Rogers City, MI (ONN). In February 2015, Donald Dewey reached out to me via Facebook in regards to his son Jeremiah Dewey. Donald and his immediate family stand firm to the fact that they wholeheartedly believe that Jeremiah is innocent of the sexual abuse charges he is currently being incarcerated for and that they are solely forged by his step-daughter Brittney.

Jeremiah has clearly fallen prey to an unjust systemic problem in our criminal justice system – being convicted strictly on hearsay, twisted truths, and the severe lack of defense evidence put on the record. A plethora of defense evidence was readily available to be used by his defense attorney. Last year I had made the decision to give the Deweys a voice by writing their story from their point of view. You can read my first article here: Canary Stories #3 – Injustice.

I have kept in close contact with Donald Dewey since the first article was published. Jeremiah has a re-sentencing hearing on October 3rd, 2016. He could get a lesser sentence, impose the same sentence, or increase the sentence. We simply do not know which way the outcome will go. There are substantial inconsistencies and questionable behavior expounded by all of the people in charge of Jeremiah’s fate.

I recently re-interviewed Donald, and for the first time had a phone interview with Shauna (Jeremiah’s biological daughter). Both of them have imperative information that the courts refuse to recognize and continue to ignore. This is where I stand firm on my Constitutionally protected rights under the First Amendment of freedom of speech and the freedom of the press. All of the information and court documents that I carefully read through, without a shadow of a doubt, support the claims of Donald and his immediate family members.

They have a right to be heard. Jeremiah is innocent. Donald is currently working on writing a Federal Writ of Habeas Corpus based upon all of the Constitutional rights of Jeremiah’s that were violated including the judges being prejudiced and biased against him, and the incompetent, ineffective assistance of counsel he received. Donald stated to me during our re-interview that, “Judge Donald McLennan acted more like the lead prosecuting attorney in this case, instead of a neutral unbiased and unprejudiced judge like what he was supposed to be.”  

After carefully studying and reading through the transcripts that Donald sent me, I saw that the court appointed attorney for Jeremiah, Dan Martin, and the Guardian Ad Litem attorney for the Dewey children, were all working with the prosecutor in this case to convict Jeremiah. Donald is rapidly running out of people he can trust to help him free his son. When Donald re-reads the court transcripts, he finds it hard to believe that they got away with all of this, especially with no evidence.

The Deweys have been hampered with the fact that not one attorney would take on this case and do the job properly. The Deweys have spent over $100,000 on this case which came from Donald’s wife’s retirement 401k that she worked for 30 years and invested for another 10 years, for a grand total of 40 years of saving and “they stole it.”

There is family turmoil over all of this that has caused rifts in relationships that were once close, before Brittney’s accusations towards Jeremiah. There is a lot of misplaced blame being thrown all over the family, when the blame should be all aimed at the proverbial fly in the ointment – the failed criminal justice system.

Brittney’s mother Storm is the one that brought Brittney back into all of their lives. Storm also knew what was going on in Washington State before Brittney came back to Michigan to live via Storm’s sister Crystal. Brittney did not say Jeremiah abused her sexually back in 2005. This was testified to by the Michigan State police trooper Mike Jermeay, CPS worker Pam Idema, and PA Rick DeMarr in 2014. They were all involved in the case back in 2005 when Brittney first cried wolf and falsely accused Jeremiah of abuse. This is the reason she went to live with other family members in the state of Washington.

Donald feels like the state of Michigan is just running him around in circles, killing time and trying to wear him and his family down. The state is doing everything they can to cover all of this up. They also have all of the evidence that Donald gave me, that the trial court covered up. Donald stated that, “The appeal attorney and the appellate court were both complete jokes, claiming that Jeremiah infected Brittney with Herpes. We do not know if Jeremiah has Herpes, but Storm does. We are not sure if Brittney really does. She may have had a false positive test, as suggested during the trials.”

Storm and Jan Oswalt, Storm’s mother, told Donald that the prosecuting attorney, Richard Steiger, had a sexual affair with Khloe’s foster mother, Stacy Bonnard. This affair caused the divorce between Stacy and her husband. This all went on during the time frame that they were trying to get Khloe to say that her dad, Jeremiah, had also sexually molested her. They tried to say that Khloe was sexually molested because she covered her private parts if someone walked in when she was naked or having a bath. She would not allow anyone to wash her private parts. And because of a ridiculous sexually explicit rap song Khloe recited that was taught to her by Brittney, that they claim Josh taught her.  

On March 28th 2013, Judge McLennan called Jeremiah a “predatory pedophile” after reading the petition for the case. He was not presented with any evidence for or against Jeremiah, but he had already convicted him. His statement does not appear on the official court transcript, but was said in front of a courtroom full of people. It is also on the audio tape of the hearing. Donald and his wife, Ann, were falsely accused of interfering with the removal of the Dewey children by this judge, and it does not appear on the official transcript for March 28th, 2013.

On April 10th 2013, this judge had someone add Jeremiah’s oldest daughter Shauna to the petition, violating the Constitutional rights of Shauna. He has no jurisdiction over her. No one ever interviewed Shauna in regards to her dad, Jeremiah. Shauna currently lives with Donald and Ann. Shauna stated during our phone interview that, “I have always known Brittney to be a liar and vindictive. Brittney was incessantly trying to get her siblings in trouble, just for the satisfaction of getting them in trouble. When Brittney was caught in her lies, she would cry and say anything to get herself out of it. I have been with my dad a lot of my life and never felt uneasy with him. He is not that kind of person. I was supposed to get interviewed, but was never given the chance to exonerate my dad. Brittney was always saying that Jeremiah took away time from her mom. Brittney had said she hates Jeremiah and does not like them together.”

Shauna also recalls Brittney making this statement, “I would rather be run over by a car than stay in Michigan.” Shauna went on to tell me that, “I don’t think he has the ability to do anything like this. He is a family man.” Shauna also stated, “I don’t know where to go from here because the truth just keeps being pushed under the carpet further and further.” Shauna graduated high school this past June and was disappointed that due to Brittney’s false allegations towards her dad, he could not be there.

Shauna also went on to say that in the court papers there are a lot of twisted truths like, it says that Shauna is Storm’s daughter as well, when she is not. And that during this time she was living with her mother in Washington state, when she was not. There are more inconsistencies to report on April 10th 2013. The judge again called Jeremiah a pedophile, and it appears on the official court transcript on page 14. The appointed public attorney, Meghan Hurley, made a motion to have all of the Dewey children given psychological evaluations. The judge recommended Tim Strauss, stating that Strauss has provided favorable results for this court in the past. This statement does not appear on the official transcript, but Donald is sure that it is on the court audio tape.

During a hearing in January 2013, attorney Martin is claiming that the petition claims that Brittney made an allegation to CPS that Jeremiah molested her, that everything was lost. This was not true. This was by an anonymous person. Brittney told the investigators that no one was sexually molesting her. On page 10, this judge is acting like the lead prosecutor and telling them they do not need to talk about CPS involvement, and lost the file.

On page 13, the judge is now saying that Brittney made the allegation, and that is wrong. Page 14, the judge is telling them he does not intend to allow it in for the trial. On page 18, attorney Martin agrees to work with the prosecutor for the final language of the petition to convict Jeremiah. A noteworthy point of this entire case as it shows they all worked together to convict Jeremiah. The judge, prosecutor, the children’s GAL attorney, Storm’s attorney, Tringali, and disturbingly, Jeremiah’s attorney, Martin.  

During a bench trial on May 7th 2013, this same judge told Michigan certified therapist, Rebecca Litzner, that she had no credibility in his courtroom because he does not know her. This does not appear on the official court transcript, but again, appears on the audio tape of the court. This upset Rebecca to the point that she moved out of the area. She has more qualifications than any other therapist called in this case. To add insult to injury, Tim Strauss, the limited licensed psychiatrist for the prosecutor, was allowed full access to Brittney. For the defense, and actual child psychiatrist and expert witness, Dr. Kamala London of Ohio, was not allowed any access to Brittney for any interviews. Donald has been trying to expound the fact that everyone was involved in framing Jeremiah of these charges to cover up for all of their mistakes and the illegal removal of Khloe and Joshua.

The Dewey family members testify to the following facts in regards to Brittney: “Brittney was sexually active in Washington State before coming back to Michigan. Brittney was running the streets at all hours of the night. Brittney was drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana. In Michigan, Brittney was also having sex. She was stealing, smoking marijuana, drinking alcohol, taking and posting naked photos of herself on the web (kik). Brittney was in the foster care home of Shari McHarg Froelich, in Alpena, for about six months. Shari caught Brittney texting all hours of the day and night. Brittney made and posted twerking videos while she was in foster care. Brittney was spending $100 every time she went shopping with Sheri. When Sheri told her that she could not afford that anymore, Brittney got mad and told her foster care worker that Sheri was mentally abusing her, and she was moved to Cheboygan, to Martha Brandau, whose daughter works for CPS in Cheboygan.” 

The Michigan attorney grievance commission, Michigan judicial tenure commission, Michigan appellate court, and the Michigan Supreme court, are also covering all of this up for this corrupt 53rd judicial circuit court of Presque Isle county, Michigan. The official court transcripts were altered. The court transcripts and the audio tapes for the hearings in courtrooms are to match impeccably, or it is fraud. If not for all of the prosecutor misconduct and judicial conflicts of interest, Jeremiah might have had a fair trial and a different outcome in this case.

I, as a journalist, have spent a lot of time on this case, especially to make sure that all my facts are checked and substantiated. Due to my integrity of making sure the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth are stated in my articles; I need to expound clarity in regards to the previous article I wrote for the Dewey’s. Donald brought to my attention that in my last article, it appeared as though I was saying that the judge was the “doctor shopper” that illegally obtained two prescriptions from two different doctors at the same time. This was actually the prosecutor, Richard Steiger. He was actually charged by the Michigan Attorney General’s office and was finally cleared because the two doctors had a ‘record keeping problem.’ This still does not answer why he accepted the two prescriptions, why he obtained the two medications, and why he used the two medications. He got away with all of this because he is one of “them.”  

The Dewey family encourages anyone and everyone to take a look at Jeremiah’s case and to see for themselves that what they say is true. You can read Jeremiah’s case at Courts.MI.gov. Also please sign the petition to free Jeremiah Dewey at Change.org. For more information you can go to the family’s website at Dewey.NationalCPD.org.

Wendy Greene is a fourth generation Human and Civil Rights activist, writer/advocate for the victims of autism and homelessness, and author of the up-and-coming book ‘Justice’. The Canary Stories are individual true accounts documenting the corruption and fraud of Child Protective Services and similar agencies, sent from around the world by parents requesting that their voices be heard. The ongoing reports are named The Canary Stories after the life-saving canaries that protected the coal mines. Today, The Canary Stories are also sounding the warning in an attempt to save children, families and even lives. Readers can email Wendy at [email protected].


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