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September 16, 2013

Bumper Sticker Campaign – It’s the Media Stupid

September 16, 2013. Philadelphia. We’ve all seen the political bumper stickers out there. Most are straightforward. Some are humorous. Some support a candidate or a cause while others take shots those same candidates or causes. Occasionally, we see a bumper sticker that goes after one entity that really deserves it – the corporate media. The new bumper stickers being circulated simply read – It’s the Media Stupid.

Until now, the best anti-corporate media bumper sticker we’ve seen is one that’s been floating around for 30 years. It reads, ‘Kill your Television’. But this latest awareness campaign by frustrated Americans goes straight to the point using a more modern and well-known slogan.

A tradition of bumper stickers

The original version of the slogan, or one of the original versions was, ‘It’s the economy stupid.’ That was a message to certain elected officials explaining that America has had enough war and instead wanted someone to pay attention to our country’s spiraling economy.

Today, attempting to explain to Americans an important lesson of their own, the organizers at ItsTheMediaStupid.org are focusing their blame for America’s current condition not just on the two establishment political parties that got us here, but the Wall Street media corporations that protect and promote them.

That reminds us of another memorable bumper sticker from back in the day. It humorously read, ‘Under Republicans, man exploits man. Under Democrats, it’s the exact opposite.’ You see, we at Whiteout Press were independents and flying those bumper stickers as far back as 25 years ago. And the censorship and propaganda have only gotten more blatant since then.

It’s the Media Stupid

‘On car bumpers across America, a simple provocative message appears against the backdrop of the US Constitution,’ the sticker’s website reads, ‘The slogan goes to the core of popular concern about threats to American democracy and liberty and is being embraced by frustrated citizens across the political spectrum. The 10” x 3” bumper sticker, distributed by www.itsthemediastupid.org, is meant to serve as a reminder from the founding fathers that freedom of the press is the key to liberty.’

A spokesman for the bumper sticker campaign explained, “We don’t know who to believe anymore and are justifiably suspicious of most mass media news coverage. A former U.S. President has publicly stated that we no longer have a functioning democracy. The Attorney General says that those responsible for the financial crisis are effectively above the law. And the President signs laws that are clearly in violation of the U.S. Constitution that he is sworn to protect – a free press would be jumping all over this stuff.”

The organizers aren’t only frustrated with a lack of honest press coverage on the monumental issues, but also on international and profit-driven stories like the nuclear meltdowns in Fukushima. Here at home, they cite problems like, “threats to journalists and whistleblowers and a woefully uninformed electorate.”

“The news shouldn’t be left wing or right wing, conservative or liberal. It should be the news. It should be independent”Mark Wachtler, Whiteout Press founder

Join the campaign

As the organizers note, this is a non-partisan awareness campaign. After tossing the idea around, a handful of donations totaling $1,000 allowed the bumper stickers’ creators to print a first run. Showing that they’re not doing this to make money, the website’s announcement notes, ‘Free bumper stickers are being distributed via coffee shops and community bulletin boards. It’sTheMediaStupid.org seeks to maintain a non-partisan approach and universal appeal in its mission to raise public awareness of the importance of a free press. Early adopters of the bumper sticker go beyond media reform and constitutional advocacy groups to include a broad range of political positions. The organization’s only stated goal is to get the bumper sticker onto as many cars as possible.’

Readers interested in obtaining their own bumper stickers can purchase 3 for $10 (shipping included) or contact the campaign organizers for a bulk price. It’s also worth remembering that any profits from the sale of the stickers are going right back into distributing free bumper stickers to businesses and public locations willing to display them.

The sticker campaign also has a Kickstarter account for anyone wanting to make a donation to the effort. For those frustrated with the corporate-owned media and looking to donate some money to a worthwhile cause, you might consider making a donation to Whiteout Press – Independent news at its best. If it’s blacked-out, covered-up or censored, you can find it here!

For more information, or to obtain your own ‘It’s the Media Stupid’ bumper stickers, visit ItsTheMediaStupid.org.


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