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bristol myers nivolumab cures cancer enrollment open


June 1, 2013

Bristol-Myers Nivolumab cures Cancer, enrollment open

June 1, 2013. New York. Investment banks from Goldman Sachs to Citigroup are celebrating over a new cancer drug from Bristol-Myers called Nivolumab. While drug companies often tout the future potential of their new treatments, Wall Street agrees that this one is the real thing. And stock brokers around the world are betting it will net the company over a trillion dollars just in the first few years.

Investors are rushing to get in on the ground floor of Bristol-Myers’ new cancer drug Nivolumab.

While doctors and financial advisors are excited about the recent news, cancer victims are even more so. And many won’t have to wait to take part in the clinical trials. According to Bristol-Myers, Phase 3 testing is still enrolling test patients. And many of the locations, scattered in cities across America, are just now beginning their enrollment.


According to the Nivolumab informational website published by the drug’s maker Bristol-Myers, ‘Nivolumab is an investigational compound being studied as a potential treatment option for lung cancer, renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer), and melanoma.’

As detailed by MarketWatch.com, a stock analyst at Citigroup went a step further saying the, “current phase three program is only the tip of the iceberg.” Looking at it from an investor’s viewpoint, the analyst went on to detail how the drug has been so successful in treating the initial three types of cancer, he expects the treatment to be adapted to cure an assortment of different cancers, possibly all of them.

Analysts at Goldman Sachs took their recommendation even further, not only maintaining their ‘conviction buy’ rating, but praising Nivolumab’s recent results. After partial testing details were released by the company two weeks ago, oncologists and investors around the world took notice. StreetInsider.com quoted a Goldman analyst extolling, “Both the magnitude of tumor shrinkage and the durability of response showed remarkable results never seen before in these intractable cancers.”

The call by investment banks for their clients to invest in Bristol-Myers isn’t new. The stock has spent the past six months rapidly climbing in value. On November 15, 2012 the share price of BMY was 30.81. On May 28, 2013, just four days ago, it had hit 47.68. That’s a gain of 55% in six months. With such passionate and excited reviews by analysts over the past week, it should more than double in less than a year.

Stage three trials – enroll now

While the company doesn’t put out many details on the drug’s specifics, especially while it finishes testing before going to the FDA for final approval, it does widely promote its invitation for individuals to enroll and participate in clinical trials taking place nationwide. Currently, there are five different studies and each has numerous testing facilities in hospitals and medical centers in cities across the US.

Bristol-Myers is inviting a wide array of people to volunteer to take part in the cancer treatment tests. In fact, as the company points out, they need cancer victims as well as healthy individuals to participate. One study is treating renal cell carcinoma. One is for melanoma. And three are dedicated to lung cancer.

The company is currently seeking volunteers and reminds potential applicants that not everyone is accepted to participate, ‘Criteria are based on such factors as age, gender, the type and stage of a disease, previous treatment history, and other medical conditions.’ The company goes on to explain, ‘It is important to note that inclusion and exclusion criteria are not used to reject people personally. Instead, the criteria are used to identify appropriate participants.’

The renal cell carcinoma trials are being held at 38 medical facilities from Boston to Los Angeles and a dozen cities in between. The first lung cancer study is taking place at 22 institutions including Duke, Vanderbilt and Yale. The second lung cancer trials are occurring at 27 locations including the City of Hope on the west coast and Johns Hopkins on the east coast. The third lung cancer study is at 25 facilities and just over half of them haven’t begun to enroll yet. The melanoma testing will take place at 30 locations from Beth Israel in Boston to The Angels Clinic in LA.

To apply for enrollment in one of the Nivolumab trials or for more information, visit the company’s Clinical Studies website.


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