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Boyce Watkins Net Worth 2019 – Earnings and incomes

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Successful American economist, political analyst and a financial specialist, Boyce Watkins is a famous published author, also known as a passionate fighter for the rights of the African American people. He launched several top-rated books and bestsellers and wrote many articles on finance and investing.


Boyce D. Watkins was born on 20th of June 1971, in Louisville, Kentucky. Their parents were teenagers when Boyce was born, and his father left him and his mother a few years later. Boyce’s mother married again, and he lived with his father Larry in constant economical poverty. Boyce’s relationship with his stepfather was tense since Larry didn’t show too many emotions to his stepson.

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Boyce was struggling to finish a primary school, and many teachers considered him as a boy with a special need. Boyce claimed that his struggle in a primary school was caused by passive racism: “When I look back on those years as a black boy in a racist state like Kentucky, I get angry,” Boyce said. Later in High School, he became much better and finished it as a successful student. He was a captain of the high school team and worked hard in a Taco Bell to help his family.

Boyce Watkins’ career

In 2004 Watkins published his first book under the title “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about College—A Guide for Minority Students”. The book was highly successful, and the Boyce was inspired by his own struggle to earn a college scholarship. Watkins said that he “wrote this book for all the young kids like me who were told they can’t go to college”. Not long after, Watkins published his second book, discussion of the privileges white people have in the US. Most of his books are talking about the racism still present America.

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Boyce Watkins’ Net Worth

Today, Watkins is acknowledged published author, successful financial advisor and analytic. During his long carrier, he was fighting for the rights of African American people in the US. Boyce’s estimated net worth is higher than $8 million dollars.