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July 9, 2013

Book ‘Libertania’ wins dual Book Awards

July 9, 2013. The land of Libertania. The 2013 LAVA book award winners have been announced. And this year, the winning work was awarded the grand prize honors for both categories – best book and best artwork. ‘Libertania – The Liberation of Conformia’ is an illustrated, cartoon-style book that compares the values and real world experiences of a society based on individual liberty versus a state-controlled land.

Libertania – The Liberation of Conformia

As described on the book’s website, ‘This is a story about a candy maker named Thomas. Who travels from his voluntary society of Libertania, to the statist country of Conformia to sell his candy. The story shows how a lover of liberty reacts to all the trials and tribulations of such a trip. In Libertania all the people are multicolored, all the colors of the rainbow. Yet in Conformia the people are either red or blue. During his adventure he helps teach these red and blue folks the wonderful ideals of liberty and you see how they learn and change.’

The award-winning book is written by Brian Lobb and illustrated by Chet Taylor. The LAVA Awards’ Starr O’Hara calls Libertania – The Liberation of Conformia, “a very witty book that will keep your attention throughout.” While this is the third annual LAVA Awards competition, this is the first year that the same book won for both writing and artwork. The LAVA Book Awards are held annually to honor excellence in books relating to the principles of liberty.

Author Brian Lobb

O’Hara goes on to describe the Grand Prize winning book saying, “Brian Lobb does an excellent job of writing about the ideas of liberty in such a way that he does not come off as ‘preachy.’ He comes up with names for licenses and permits that state in symbolic terms what the permit actually is, while revealing the inherent silliness of government licensing. In doing so, he is able to present the ideas of liberty through Thomas who explains that in Libertania such licensing & permits do not exist.”

As detailed on the Amazon.com author’s page, Brian Lobb typically writes about such topics as politics, current events, history, public policy and more. The account explains, ‘Brian Lobb is a former Marine and currently works in aviation. He has learned through a lifetime of dealing with bureaucracy that we need to reform the excessive regulation that invades our daily lives. As a former statist that has evolved, he is now stuck somewhere between minarchy and voluntarism.’

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LAVA Awards

As detailed on the LAVA Awards website, ‘LAVA is the Libertarian, Agorist, Voluntaryist & Anarch Authors & Publishers Association. LAVA was founded in November 2010 with a mission “to assist the membership with promoting their books and other published material” with membership open to all who identify as Libertarian, Agorist, Voluntaryist and/or Anarch.’

Previous LAVA Award winners for the Lysander Spooner (Book of the Year) award include ‘The Doublespeak Dictionary’ by Leslie Starr O’Hara, and ‘Healing Our World’ by Dr. Mary Ruwart. Previous winners of the Charles Angrand (Artwork of the Year) award include ‘The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible: A Free Market Odyssey’ by Ken Schoolland, and ‘The Anarcho Teachings of Yeshua’ by Darryl W. Perry.

All LAVA Award winning books are available from Amazon.com, as well as most major bookstores.

For more information on the LAVA Awards, visit the organization’s website at LAVA-APA.org.


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