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betting shopping and more what we owe internet



Betting, shopping and more – what we owe to the internet


When it comes to the world of the internet, it has given us many wonderful things. Do you remember the days of dial up when you couldn’t use your house phone at the same time? The whirring and beeping as it connected, and the inevitable drop-outs that would occur? We have come a long way and now over 40% of the world’s population is continually connected to the internet meaning we have literally the whole world at our fingertips 24/7.

But in what way has the internet changed our lives? What can we now do online that we could not a few years ago – things like news sites such as Whiteout Press, e-commerce sites and more mean the world is at our fingertips. Let us read on to find out more!


Online Gambling



Once upon a time, if we wanted to take a punt on our favourite sports team, or even play a game of poker, we would have to get up and go to our nearest bookies or casino. Those days are long gone and now you can access all of the world’s betting markets, and pretty much any casino game you can imagine, directly from your smartphone! Online gambling has become extremely popular in the last few years, and it is all down to accessibility and it is becoming cool again through the use of apps and mobile optimised sites! A great example of such a site is Wild Jack Casino which offers players a great range of top quality casino games, as well as special offers for first time players!


Online Shopping

Navigating a shopping centre, queuing for changing rooms, or standing in line at the grocery store are not really many people’s idea of fun. But now, with online shopping, you can order pretty much anything you want and have it delivered to you in no time at all. From food and groceries to clothing and electronic goods- all can be purchased online. Some services even allow you to scan an item’s barcode with your phone and then schedule it for deliver at a time convenient for you. With such technology at our fingertips and sites such as eBay, the question is, why go out at all?!



Family Tree Tracing



There was once a time where if you wanted to trace your family tree, you would have to spend hours, weeks and months pouring over genealogy records. Now you can join online communities where you can search with just a few clicks of a button. Some are free, and some charge, the BBC has a great guide to how to pick one! You can connect with others from all over the world to help find long lost relatives and you can even order DNA tests and have the results emailed to you a few weeks later! Prior to the internet, trying to find long lost relatives from hundreds of years ago would have been pretty much impossible, whereas now it can be done in seconds!

The internet has truly changed many aspects of our lives. Online shopping, gambling, and tracing our family trees are just a few. It will be interesting to see what the coming years will bring.