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autism caused monsanto roundup plus vaccines doctors say


October 4, 2014

Autism caused by Monsanto Roundup plus Vaccines, doctors say

By Mark Wachtler

October 4, 2014. Rosemont, IL. (ONN) Doctors and researchers from MIT and Purdue announced they believe they’ve solved the mystery of America’s skyrocketing autism numbers. At the current rate of increase, half of all American kids will have autism by 2025. Speaking to a conference of autism experts and parents, Dr Stephanie Seneff explained that her data shows it’s not vaccines alone causing autism, but the mixture of Monsanto’s Roundup pesticide and the aluminum in vaccines causing the country’s autism epidemic.

The use of Roundup GMO pesticide (red line) and the rate of autism (blue columns) are skyrocketing in tandem.

Autism mystery solved?

“I’m Stephanie Seneff. I’m from MIT, senior research scientist there,” the doctor began her speech to this year’s Autism One conference in Rosemont, Illinois, “I’m going to be talking about the role of aluminum and glyphosate, their synergistic role, in autism. You all know this frightening trend. This is the autism diagnosis by the CDC, going up and up and up. Where is it going in the future? I predict by 2025, half the kids born will be diagnosed with autism.”

The senior researcher from MIT goes on to reject the current official explanation for autism – that it is strictly a genetic disease. Instead, Dr. Seneff insists that while genetics is responsible for a small number of autism cases, environmental factors are causing the astronomical number of new diagnoses. One of those environmental factors, she and a handful of other university researchers say, is the combination of Roundup pesticides and modern vaccines in the human body.

Roundup and vaccines

In her two-hour presentation to the conference, Dr. Stephanie Seneff explained that it’s the chemical glyphosate in Monsanto’s Roundup pesticide combined in the human body with the aluminum in many vaccines. Glyphosate was first used as a pesticide in 1971 and cleared by the EPA in 1993. Monsanto’s Roundup is 41% glyphosate, the pesticide’s main active ingredient.

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Glyphosate is the byproduct of an amino acid that affects signals to the brain in humans and animals. In edible plants, it’s used to stunt the growth of the plant and force budding. In weeds, it stops growth all together, to the point of killing vegetation that hasn’t been genetically modified to be resistant to the herbicide, such as Monsanto’s GMO seed product lines. The company has become the largest seed company in the world using this business model and farming method.

How it happens

“The effects are insidious,” Seneff says, “You won’t notice when you eat a food that contains glyphosate. But over time, you will enter an old-age-state before you should.” In a report from Infowars that includes Dr. Stephanie Seneff’s two-hour presentation at Autism One, the outlet reminds readers that the amount of glyphosate found in the breast milk of American mothers is ten-times the level allowed in European drinking water. That statistic came from NaturalSociety.com and the anti-GMO grassroots organization Moms Across America.

“This is a poison and it’s in our food,” Moms Across America founder Zen Honeycutt says, “Numerous studies show serious harm to mammals. We want this toxic treadmill of chemical cocktails in our food to stop.” According to MIT’s Seneff, when trace amounts of deadly metals like aluminum enter the human body, they are naturally expelled and don’t do harm provided they are in small enough amounts. But when Monsanto’s glyphosate encounters aluminum inside humans, it changes the entire process.

“Ordinarily, the body is quite good about keeping aluminum out,” Dr. Seneff explained to the autism conference, “Glyphosate produces a leaky gut, and that’s going to help the aluminum get in. What I believe now is that the aluminum in the vaccine is far more toxic as a consequence of the glyphosate that’s also in the blood. The two of them are synergistic, because the glyphosate forms a cage around the aluminum and keeps it from getting expelled. The aluminum ends up accumulating, getting trapped with the glyphosate, and then the aluminum ends up in the pineal gland and messes up sleep and causes a whole cascade of problems in the brain. The glyphosate and aluminum are working together to be much more toxic than they would be acting alone.”

Dr. Stephanie Seneff, senior researcher at MIT, speaking at this year’s Autism One conference.


The link to autism

Besides the data reflected in the above chart showing a side-by-side correlation between glyphosate levels and autism cases, Dr. Stephanie Seneff says there are other risk factors, but the main one is vaccines and the aluminum they contain.

“I’ve been studying autism for about seven years now, reading extensively the literature and looking one by one at all the different environmental toxins and all the environmental factors that might be involved in autism,” the senior researcher at MIT tells the conference, “I’ve identified several. Certainly the sun, insufficient sunlight exposure to both the skin and the eyes was something I identified early on.”

In addition to a lack of sunlight as a factor for increased risk of autism, Dr. Seneff also adds poor diet and vaccines to the list. She explains, “There’s another factor that I didn’t recognize until about two years ago. I went to hear a talk by Don Huber. He’s a professor from Purdue, expert on plant physiology and pathology. He’s been going around the world talking about the dangers of this, Roundup, and the damage it’s doing to our nation’s health.”

Directing the audience’s attention to a chart similar to the graph at the beginning of this article, Dr. Stephanie Seneff tells the conference she firmly believes there is a direct connection between the skyrocketing use of Roundup pesticides in America and the cases of autism rising in tandem. “Corn and soy crops are now ninety percent GMO engineered to be Roundup-ready,” she says, “That means when you spray Roundup on the crop, it doesn’t die. It soaks it up and gets into the food chain. And we’re not even bothering to measure, for the most part, how much is getting into our food because it’s considered to be safe.”

“The use of Roundup on these crops, as you can see, is rising dramatically in the last few years,” Seneff continues, “That’s because we’re producing Roundup-ready weeds. So the weeds that are growing among these Roundup-ready crops are not dying as easily as they used to. So the solution has been to add more Roundup, and that’s what’s happening. And I think that the fact that it fits so well with autism is very suspicious.”

So, is the combination of Monsanto’s Roundup GMO pesticide with the aluminum in vaccines causing America’s rising autism rates? Two of the most politically powerful for-profit industries on Earth – agri-business and big pharma – say no. But Purdue’s Dr. Don Huber, a GMO expert, and MIT’s Dr. Stephanie Seneff, an autism expert, both say yes.


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