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Anonymous Million Mask March worldwide – Nov 5 2014

By Mark Wachtler

September 7, 2014. Everywhere. (ONN) The secretive underground hacker group Anonymous has come a long way since its beginning in 2003 in an online chat room. What started as a half dozen kids scattered around the world, all with the default online username ‘anonymous’ and unknown even to each other, has become the largest political movement on Earth. On November 5, 2014 the global army will step out of the internet and onto the streets in more than 500 cities around the world.

Whose side is Whiteout Press on? Theirs. No apologies, no regrets. Image courtesy of RT.com.

Based on the various videos, emails and social media posts, the Million Mask March being organized by Anonymous is emanating from the US and UK. But confirmations have been pouring in from cities around the world, nearly 500 at last count, that Anons the world over will be out in force on November 5th to protest tyranny and stand up for freedom. Fortunately, tyranny and freedom are two words that translate easily into any language, much like the Million Mask March announcement videos spreading like a super-virus in dozens of languages to over 100 countries.

2nd annual Million Mask March

Last year on November 5th, millions took to the streets in hundreds of cities around the world. Little did they know, but the public protest would prove to be so popular and successful that it’s become a yearly event. This time around, the march falls on the day after Election Day in the US. That should provide the American people with a stark contrast of the world around them. From lying, deceiving promise-breaking professional politicians on their TV’s 24/7, to blacked-out scenes of millions of their friends, family, neighbors and fellow human beings marching in protest of all the ills those same politicians have perpetrated against them.

“Greetings world. We are Anonymous, activists from around the world,” the Million Man March – Operation Vendetta video begins, “Attention worldwide governments, evil corporations and puppets of the system. On November 5th 2014, our campaign intensifies. Over the last few years, Anonymous have become a much larger street movement. 2013 saw millions take to the streets around the world. Last year, 2013, we saw a global day of civil disobedience. So, what next for November 5th? What next for the Million Mask March? In 2014, Anonymous plans to take civil disobedience to the next level.”



In that chilling computerized voice that Anonymous has perfected, the video continues, “They are here…We are they.” The raw, sobering call to action goes on to announce, “On November 5th 2014, we call for a global day of organized chaos. It’s time to unleash the trolls into the real world. We are Anonymous. That’s not something to f*ck with. We are everywhere. We are everyone.”

Every continent on Earth

What is probably a first-in-history accomplishment, the Million Mask March scheduled for November 5th will occur simultaneously on every continent on Earth. From Greenland to Antarctica, and every continent in between, Anonymous will take to the streets to remind the people of the world that they aren’t alone in their fight against shadow governments, criminal corporations and tyrannical despots.

Antarctica? Yes, Antarctica. For those interested in seeing the eye-popping map of cities around the world with their own scheduled Million Mask March, visit MillionMaskMarch.com. There you will see hundreds of towns and cities, including Fossil Bluff, Antarctica. According to the Fossil Bluff Million Mask March Facebook page, as well as countless fliers and posters from around the world, the goal of the global protest is, “To remind this world what it has forgotten – that fairness, justice and freedom are more than just words.”

Left and Right unite

Illustrating why Anonymous seems to appeal to grassroots activists on both the left and the right, two of the most popular slogans of Anons comes from each side of the political spectrum. “No justice, no peace” has been a popular chant for protesters on the political left for decades. But adding a new twist, Anonymous protesters have also been using the popular slogan from the right and adding their own millennial wisdom, “Freedom isn’t free…and neither is apathy.”

Anonymous’ universal appeal probably shouldn’t be surprising, especially after last year’s global demonstration. It took only two minutes of viewing pictures and videos from 2013’s Million Mask March for Whiteout Press to see a bunch of our friends taking part and showing their solidarity with Anonymous. From Veterans for Peace and Occupy Wall Street to the Tea Party and the Ron Paul r3VO7ution, it seems like nearly every grassroots organization is a friend of Anonymous.

Anonymous anthem

While pulling together information for this article, we came across a music video that pays tribute to the Anonymous legion. The song is by Desaparecidos and is titled, ‘Anonymous’. It’s a battle anthem if we ever heard one. The lyrics are in English and the music is a mix of punk, heavy metal and rock & roll. It’s edgy and fast-paced just like the song’s real life namesake.

An invaluable bonus was added when inLeague Press put the music to an equally fast-paced montage of brief video segments and still pictures. Eliciting goose bumps at times, the individual clips are a virtual history of Anonymous protests over the past couple years. They include Anons marching with banners, signs and their patented masks in over 100 cities going as far back as 2011.

Collectively, the music video shows millions of regular people standing arm in arm, representing Anonymous in street demonstrations around the world. Some scenes show the police brutality Anons have been subjected to while marching. Other scenes pull on the viewers’ heartstrings when images of kids with Anonymous masks hold up signs reading, ‘My generation will change the world.’ It’s obvious the Baby Boomers and Gen X couldn’t do it. God bless the Millennials – “and a child shall lead them.”

Watch the video below. And if you don’t like the music, turn the volume down and take in the imagery. It’s worth it. For more information on the worldwide November 5, 2014 Million Mask March, visit MillionMaskMarch.com.


Thanks to Desaparecidos for producing the song and inLeague Press for producing the video.


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