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March 6, 2015

Anonymous launches Operation Expose CPS

By Mark Wachtler

March 6, 2015. Cyberspace. (ONN). Those pesky hacker kids are at it again. In addition to their ongoing cyber wars against pedophiles, ISIS, censorship, predatory corporations and a host of other worthy targets, the famous group of computer hacktivists recently released a video announcing the launch of Operation Expose CPS. Ripping kids from their parents used to be a last resort. Now, it’s a massive profit center. And some officials have proven they’re willing to resort to murder to keep the money flowing. But victimized parents are no longer defenseless and alone. Anonymous has joined their cause.

This author’s favorite line from one of his favorite songs sums up the power behind the mysterious, invisible, global movement known simply as Anonymous – ‘A half dozen cops came to seize the laptop from a sleeping 15-year-old kid. They broke down the door, and discovered some more, a hundred million exactly like him.’ That, readers, is Anonymous. And we at Whiteout Press have always been proud to call them friends. We’ll include the video at the end of this article for readers who would like to see just who these kids are.

Operation Expose CPS

Longtime Whiteout Press readers are no strangers to either Anonymous or the horrors inflicted upon parents by DCFS-CPS. We’ve written countless articles about both causes. Three weeks ago, their paths crossed and the result was the announcement of a global campaign to stop the unjustified terror and kidnapping being waged by Child Services against American parents and their children. The video from Anonymous is titled, ‘Operation Expose CPS’.

The announcement from Anonymous released last month begins, “Greetings world. We are Anonymous. For far too long, the authorities in America have ignored the rampant child abuse deeply embedded in the child protection agencies.” It goes on to add, “The CPS-DHS system in the United States has never been investigated as a whole. Meanwhile, we continue to pass more and more laws to not only protect the system, but to give more and more incentive for children to be abducted into the system.”

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Operation Expose CPS


Summarizing Operation Expose CPS, the computerized voice and masked Anonymous representative explains that on February 10, 2015, the group launched a campaign to raise awareness about the abuses of Child Protective Services. The video instructs Anonymous and its supporters, not to bring down FBI or DCFS websites, but instead to use the government’s own massive electronic infrastructure to flood the agencies with demands that the FBI investigate DCFS-CPS, bring the criminals to justice, and stop the unjustified terror campaign against parents and their children.

“We do support defacements against the CPS and FBI websites on this matter as a means of promotion and to spread awareness on the issue,” the video announcement details, “Our main goal with this phase of the operation is to call in to demand that the FBI do their jobs and investigate the CPS-DHS system as a whole.”

Justice for Nancy Schaefer

Showing that Anonymous isn’t some new-comer to the fight against CPS abuse and they know exactly what they’re talking about, the announcement and warning to DCFS and the FBI doesn’t fail to mention the late Georgia State Senator who was murdered along with her husband in 2010 after turning over volumes of evidence against Child Protective Services to the US Justice Department and the International Criminal Court. Read the January Whiteout Press article, ‘US Families call on World Court to investigate DCFS-CPS’ for more information.

Raising the tragic death of Nancy and her husband like a burning beacon in the night, the Anonymous video warns, “We also demand a full, open investigation into the murder of Nancy Schaefer. We know this was in no way a murder-suicide. Nancy was murdered because she got too close, and because she was taking children away from the CPS. Not only was Nancy helping tons of families, but she was clearly onto something very big for CPS to have murdered her. Justice will be served for this woman.”

Four-phase operation

According to Anonymous, this is merely the first phase of Operation Expose CPS. It is meant as a final warning to government agencies across the country and on every level. The video announcement goes on to warn, “If the FBI refuses to perform an open investigation on CPS-DHS, we will brand not only the FBI but other agencies who refuse to investigate such as the DoJ and AG offices, as supporters of the child trafficking ring and they can sink on the ship of child abuse together. We have all sat by for far too long waiting for something to be done.”

The global call-to-action concludes by speaking directly to the officials that have perpetrated or protected the abuse for so long. “If our demands are not met, we will take down the entire CPS organization piece by piece,” the video promises, “Your days of child abuse and profiteering from children’s misery are coming to an end CPS. Child Protection Services, we will never forgive the horrors you have committed against these children just as they will never forget their treatment at your hand. You should have expected us. Operation Expose CPS engaged.”

The announcement also includes three means of contact by which Anons everywhere can reach out to the FBI and demand a full, open and legitimate investigation into DCFS-CPS. Watch the full four-minute video above for the Bureau’s contact info. Already, the campaign has evolved into an organized effort with a first round of calls/faxes/emails to the FBI on March 21st. A second blast in April. A third in May. And a final international day of protest against America’s department of Child Protective Services on June 5, 2015. Visit the campaign’s Facebook page for updated announcements.

Curious who Anonymous is? Watch the music video below. And while the show of support doesn’t necessarily change anything for wrongly victimized parents across America, the addition of 100,000,000 cyber-warriors to their cause is sure to bring a long overdue smile to their faces. On behalf of those many parents, because this author is one of them, thank you Anonymous.


Who is Anonymous? This is Anonymous.

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