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October 28, 2015

Anonymous 2015 Million Mask March coming Nov 5th

By Mark Wachtler

October 28, 2015. Everywhere. (ONN) It’s that time of year again. Those pesky hacker kids from Anonymous will be stepping out of cyberspace and physically marching in nearly every major city on Earth. Often acting as non-violent criminals FOR the people instead of against them, these socially and politically conscious hacktivists will be coming to a street near you next week. Will you join the festival-like global demonstration? Just think of it as a festivus for the rest of us.

Anonymous’ global demonstration is scheduled for Nov 5, 2015 in every major city in America. Image courtesy of MillionMaskMarch.com.

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Over the last few years, the famed hacker collective known as Anonymous has seen its most talented computer hackers taken out of action, decimated by arrests and imprisonment. Its special forces team known as LulzSec was infiltrated by a hacker-turned-informant. And the most dangerous hacktivist of them all, Jeremy Hammond, was jailed for exposing a secret government-corporate spying program against the American people. Add to that the imprisonment of pro-Anonymous journalists like Barrett Brown and it becomes safe to say the group has seen better days.

But the good news is that Anonymous is still out there, somewhere, everywhere. As they like to say, you can’t arrest an idea. And as one of your author’s favorite songs says, “A half dozen cops came to seize the laptop of a sleeping 15-year-old kid. They broke down the door and discovered some more, a hundred million exactly like him.”

While the top-level hacks and attacks on the most protected computer networks in the world have nearly ceased with the incarceration of Anonymous’ most accomplished members, mid-level grassroots offensives against villainous entities have increased. Whether it’s child molesters, Wall Street, Hollywood, foreign dictators, crooked cops, war profiteers, DCFS, NSA, or a host of other infringers on justice and freedom, Anonymous is always on the offensive against them.

Million Mask March – 2015

Proving that Anonymous is not only still out there, but has grown into an organized political movement, the group is holding its annual Million Mask March on November 5, 2015. Lord knows who chose November for a yearly outdoor demonstration. But even chilly and occasionally rainy conditions aren’t enough to stop Anonymous and its supporters from raising their banners, donning their Guy Fawkes masks and marching through every major city in America and most of the world.

The website MillionMaskMarch.com calls it, “The world’s largest protest by the most influential group in the world.” Organizers are encouraging marchers to demonstrate outside each of their local City Halls. At last count, Anonymous has confirmed marches in 629 cities around the world, and growing. As detailed by Whiteout Press last year, the 2014 Million Mask March saw organized Anonymous protests in just over 500 cities. Read ‘Anonymous Million Mask March Worldwide on Nov 5th 2014’ for details.

According to organizers, this is the 4th year Anonymous will be holding its global Million Mask March. And participation has grown in each of those years, culminating with this year’s demonstration occurring in over 100 countries around the world. Just in the 12 hours preceding this article, Anonymous added a half-dozen more cities to the list including Arlington, TX; New Orleans, LA; Cleveland, OH; and Wichita, KS.

For those who would like to register for the Million Mask March and receive reminders and news via Facebook, visit the march’s Group Page or Event Page. Readers and closet Anonymous supporters who would like to see what the annual Million Mask March looks like should watch the below video documenting the 2012 and 2013 marches.


Thanks to Desaparecidos for producing the song and inLeague Press for producing the video.


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