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An American Hero – Poem by Chris Towsley


An American Hero – Poem by Chris Towsley

Why would an independent grassroots news outlet care about poetry? Because like music, art and love, poetry is good for the soul. And when the works are penned by those that have endured terror and tragedy, injustice and destruction, and they may be the only poem they ever write, the result is often powerfully emotional. This latest poem was written by a reader to honor Whiteout Press’ humble author Mark Wachtler. Once referred to as The Lone Ranger of the Internet, the founder, author and editor of Whiteout Press truly appreciates the gesture and sentiment. Thank you.

An American Hero
By Chris Towsley

Things had always literally swirled around Him,
at times with a sound of a runaway train.
In no way had His life bred trust,
yet he trusted just the same.

And it dawned on Me,
after all the bullets,
all the fear,
all the crap,
that He had to consider the possibility,
I was just another trap.

I remember living that way too.
You would remind Yourself,
that You were fearless,
but it made You paranoid,
and stressed,
through and through.

I guess if You’re ready to stand up against it,
it’s a foregone conclusion,
that someone’s going,
to oppose Your activity.

In fact they could number a thousand times twenty.
But the real American Heroes,
end up knowing,
about destiny.

Well I can never be an American hero,
but I do know I’m no trap.
And I wouldn’t blame,
this guy I know,
for thinking that.
But if that’s the case,
I’m going to tell Him,
to just relax.
I feel grateful to know him,
I’ve got His back.

Because even I know,
You don’t meet a true American hero,

You just decide to back one,
if He runs Your way.
By Chris Towsley, January 2015
From the Whiteout Press Poetry Section.

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