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7 Trends You Can’t Get Away From in 2019

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In 2017, you couldn’t walk down a city block without seeing at least five places selling fidget spinners. In 2018, you couldn’t watch an episode of primetime television without seeing someone try to “floss” or do the “Fortnite Dance” (i.e. the Carlton).

In other words, each year brings with it some inescapable trends. The trends aren’t always quite as specific as those mentioned above – sometimes they are more of a cultural shift in perception than a tangible trend – but each of them leaves their indelible mark on society.

So what do you have to look forward to in 2019? What trends will take the world by storm, and what new buzzwords will you be seeing everywhere? This post will look at six trends that you won’t be able to hide from in 2019. With a mix of design trends, sports trends, entertainment, environmental and business trends, this list has tried to cover all the bases.

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Check out this list of trends expected to heat up this year, and check back again in December to see if the predictions here were right!

Indoor Plant Walls Bring Nature to You

Why go out into nature when you can just bring nature into your home? Indoor wall plants have become insanely popular in the design world, and that popularity shows no signs of abating. To understand the popularity of this vertical vegetation, you can follow the general trend in design toward incorporating natural elements.

Even Today anchor Craig Melvin got in on the trend, when he dedicated a whole segment of his show a couple months ago to teaching viewers how to make their own plant wall. Will they become another flash in the pan, like shag carpeting or porcelain fruit – or do these living walls have staying power?

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Axe Throwing Is the Edgiest New Sport

What started as a backyard activity for cottage-goers in Ontario, Canada, soon became one of the hottest new leagues to emerge in sports – the Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL). Gaining popularity with rec activity crowds, birthday parties, and bachelorette parties, the new sport has taken off in the last couple of years. And with celebrities like Shaq, Vin Diesel and Ruby Rose jumping on the axe throwing bandwagon, it seems like BATL is getting mentioned everywhere these days.

Expect big things for the still-growing sport. It has the mass appeal and excitement to make it a huge trend going forward. Who knows – the 2024 Olympics might have an edgy new competition on their hands.

Zero Waste Everything

2018 saw a large swath of bars in cities all over North America ditching their disposable straws, and new zero waste stores are starting to pop up in exponential numbers in big metropolitan cities. Driven by a cultural shift in awareness toward the effects of global warming, you can expect the zero waste movement to warm up as well.

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The movement has even seen whole cities going zero waste, especially European cities. With anxiety mounting over extreme global temperatures and wild weather, expect this trend to only get bigger.

E-commerce Continues to Rise… and Improve

Brick and mortar stores have been shaking in their boots over the last few years. 2019 will be no different. An increasing number of consumers are keeping their car in the garage, and simply shopping from the comfort of their computer or phone. The statistics show that e-commerce is representing a growing share of retail sales, and showing no signs of slowing.

With this boost in e-commerce have come improvements in courier performance. One trend that many pundits are predicting is the rise of same-day delivery, which will completely shake up the way people think about shopping.

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There’s No Escaping Escape Rooms

Who knows whether they will make it to the end of 2019, but for the time being it seems like people aren’t tired of escape rooms. These experiential puzzles continue to intrigue new groups of people, but some outside observers are worried that interest could wane once its target market exhausts the available options.

Will 2019 be the year people finally escape escape rooms, or will these puzzle fight to live another year?

Eating Meat on the BBQ

If you haven’t already heard of the Keto Diet, there’s a high chance you will soon. This is essentially a low carb diet, that puts a lot of focus on eating quality meat, in specific ratios compared to fats and nutrients. The goal is to get your body to enter a state of ketosis and use fat for energy instead of carbs (sugars).

With all this meat eating, BBQing is back in style in a big way. Charcoal grills and meat smokers are set to much more popular this year with the increased popularity of eating meat. There are lots of great products to choose from, so take your time to find the best charcoal grill or smoker that would suit the amount and type of meat you eat.

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Reboots, Reboots and More Reboots

Full House, Roseanne, Mary Poppins, Ghostbusters, The Lion King, Will and Grace, and about a hundred Spider-Mans: this truly is the age of the reboot. The domination of current intellectual property will probably continue through 2019, as Hollywood continues to draw from the nostalgia well to ensure healthy ticket sales.

What would you like to see rebooted? Surely there is something that Hollywood hasn’t thought of yet. Or are you tired of seeing the same old ideas rehashed for a new generation.

Well, those are the hot trends you can expect to warm up in 2019. Whether it’s hanging trees, throwing axes, escaping rooms or rebooting comic book movies, people will always be on the lookout for the hot new thing.