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7 irs employees 3 us senators center irs scandal


June 30, 2014

The 7 IRS Employees, 3 US Senators at Center of IRS Scandal

June 30, 2014. Washington. Obama, Holder, CNBC, the DNC and the IRS all insist there was no wrongdoing in the agency scandal which targeted conservative organizations and elected officials. But they’ve pled the Fifth Amendment to avoid self-incrimination and destroyed the evidence. We’ve all heard of IRS Chief Lois Lerner. But who are the other 6 IRS employees connected with the investigation who also conveniently lost two year’s worth of email and had their computers destroyed? And who are the US Senators at the center of the scandal?

Anger at the IRS for illegally targeting political opponents of the Democratic Party is rapidly growing. Image courtesy of PatDollard.com.

The evidence of wrongdoing and criminal activity inside the IRS is undeniable, no matter how much Democrats and the corporate media insist otherwise. Officials have pled the Fifth Amendment, been impeached, held in Contempt of Congress, evidence has been destroyed, legal procedures were violated, computers have vanished, back-up servers have been erased, hard copies have all disappeared, and neither the IRS nor President Obama can explain why high-level IRS employees were at the White House so often during the period in question. This may just be the biggest American scandal since the JFK assassination, eclipsing even Watergate.

Scandal goes all the way to the top

Before we bring you the 7 IRS officials who’ve conveniently lost all their emails, backups and computer hardware during the two years the illegal activity is alleged to have occurred, we want to share with readers the powerful Democratic Party leaders who are accused of ordering the criminal activity by the IRS and the targeting of the party’s political opponents.

It’s ominous and historical to note that what’s accused in this case is the exact opposite of what Adolf Hitler did in Nazi Germany, albeit with the same result. Hitler took his private political terror squads, the SS, and nationalized them into one of the country’s official police forces. In this current DNC-IRS scandal, the Obama administration is accused of taking a national police force, the IRS, and privatizing it into a Party terror squad. Different order, same result – the merging of the government and the party to destroy political opponents.

3 US Senators at the heart of the scandal

Taken from accusations by numerous organizations and one official complaint filed with the US Senate Ethics Committee, here are the powerful Democratic Party elected officials accused of ordering the IRS to target the party’s political opponents:

President Obama – The White House and the IRS have little reason to ever meet over official business. But White House logs clearly show that some of the same 7 IRS officials whose computers ‘crashed’ and whose emails all vanished, had also been regular visitors at the White House during the time in question. Neither side has been willing to disclose what those meetings were for. One of the 7 IRS officials was shown to have met with White House staff 31 times.

US Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) – A fellow member of the crime-plagued Chicago Democratic Machine along with President Obama, Illinois Senator Durbin is also at the heart of the IRS scandal. He is one of a handful of Senators that publicly abused their power by openly ordering the IRS to investigate conservative political groups. In one letter to the IRS, Sen. Durbin specifically ordered Crossroads GPS to be targeted , a wealthy and powerful Republican non-profit.

US Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) – During the two years in question, Sen. Schumer was another US Senator who publicly ordered the IRS to audit grassroots conservative groups. In his own letters to the IRS, Schumer specifically listed out conservative and Republican non-profits to be targeted. He reportedly produced his list of enemy political organizations based on their level of activity as reported by national news outlets.

US Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) – Perhaps the most guilty of all the Democratic Party officials involved is US Senator Carl Levin. He is shown to have written no less than 7 letters to the IRS demanding investigations of specific conservative political groups. When the IRS didn’t act fast enough, Levin wrote another official letter calling the agency’s inaction, “unacceptable”. Sen. Levin is also shown to have demanded the IRS provide his staff with confidential tax files of American citizens and non-profits, even after the IRS told him in writing that it was against the law.

Earlier this month, the Center for Competitive Politics filed a complaint with the Senate Select Committee on Ethics. The complaint named 9 US Senators, including the 3 above, and accused them of unethical and possibly illegal activities related to the IRS scandal. We would include a link to the full list for readers, but the group requires a fee to access the information.

The 7 IRS employees whose emails vanished and computers were destroyed

Americans are familiar with Lois Lerner, the IRS Chief that is accused of targeting conservative, Republican and Tea Party non-profits, taking the Fifth Amendment to avoid criminally incriminating herself, and being held in Contempt of Congress for blocking the Congressional investigation. But who are the other 6 IRS employees who conveniently lost two year’s worth of emails covering the time in question, along with their computers, hard drives, backup servers, and printed hard copies?

A few days ago, The Daily Caller looked at the 7 IRS employees whose “crashed computers” led to the loss of most of the evidence in the criminal investigation:

  • Lois Lerner – Washington-based head of the IRS Exempt Organizations Division. She first apologized publicly for targeting conservative groups, then recanted that admission and insisted the accusation was untrue. She then immediately pled the Fifth Amendment and stopped cooperating with the Congressional investigation. Lerner was then held in Contempt of Congress.
  • Nikole Flax – Washington-based former Chief of Staff for IRS Commissioner Steven Miller. Flax had numerous jobs at the IRS, including a position under Lois Lerner in the Exempt Organizations Division. She is also the key connection between the accused IRS officials and the White House. Flax began holding mysterious White House meetings at the same time the IRS targeting of conservative groups began. She had 31 meetings inside the White House and an unknown number at other locations. White House logs show her last secret meeting there was two days before the scandal broke in the national media. She has so far refused to disclose who she met with at the White House or what was discussed.
  • Michelle Eldridge – The IRS National Media Relations director was tasked with representing and defending the agency after repeated accusations and scandals surfaced. Some of the controversies she was at the heart of included employee accusations that the IRS was punishing internal whistleblowers, the IRS targeting of conservative groups, IRS officials leaking confidential tax information of conservatives to liberal media outlets, and the secret targeting of US Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA). Early on in the targeting campaign, Eldridge met at the White House with a senior staffer of Vice President Joe Biden.
  • Kimberly Kitchens – One of the IRS agents in the Cincinnati, Ohio office that Lois Lerner originally blamed the illegal targeting on. Kitchens is also a financial contributor to President Obama and worked in the Rulings and Agreements subdivision of the IRS Exempt Organizations division under Lerner.
  • Nancy Heagney – Cincinnati-based IRS Agent in the Exempt Organizations division under Lerner that targeted conservative groups.
  • Julie Chen – Cincinnati-based IRS Agent in the Exempt Organizations division under Lerner that targeted conservative groups.
  • Tyler Chumny – Cincinnati-based Agent Supervisor between Lois Lerner in Washington and the individual IRS agents in the Cincinnati office that were targeting conservative political groups.

What are the two things that all of these IRS agents and directors have in common? They were all a part of the illegal targeting of political opponents of President Obama and the Democratic Party. And all 7 of them claim their computers coincidentally crashed and lost all their emails during the two-year period under investigation, their backups were erased, their computers were destroyed, and their hard copies never existed.

If Attorney General Eric Holder ever appoints a Special Investigator to get to the bottom of the accused criminal activity, these 7 IRS officials and 3 US Senators will be at the center of the investigation.


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