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6 inspectors admit cover up 96 twa 800 shot down over ny


June 19, 2013

6 Inspectors admit Cover-up, ’96 TWA 800 shot down over NY

June 19, 2013. Long Island. In 1996, TWA Flight 800 crashed moments after take-off from New York’s JFK Airport bound for Paris. 230 people died. After an investigation that involved multiple federal agencies, the NTSB claimed the plane exploded due to an electrical fire. Witnesses claimed the passenger jet was shot down by a surface-to-air missile. Now, six of the original investigators say they were forced to lie and cover it up.

The remains of TWA Flight 800

Silenced: TWA Flight 800 and the Subversion of Justice

That’s the name of a new documentary airing on July 17th, the 17-year anniversary of the tragedy. TopDocumentaryFilms.com has a detailed review of the controversial and damning confessions of six former investigators that day who now say they were coerced by the FBI to lie about the true cause of TWA 800’s destruction.

Describing the documentary, the site says, ‘You’ll learn what the 736 official eyewitnesses actually saw – why aviators reject the CIA “cartoon” explanation – how the Feds criminally suppressed reporting – the critical witness drawings – the rigged NTSB hearings – the damning radar data and documentation – the altered physical evidence – undeniable proof of explosive residue proving a missile strike – the stinging report from the machinist union – and much more!’

“Of course, everyone knows about the eyewitness statements,” co-producer Tom Stalcup told CNN, “But we also have corroborating information from the radar data. And the radar data shows an asymmetric explosion coming out of that plane – something that didn’t happen in the official theory.”

The producers went on to explain, “This team of investigators who actually handled the wreckage and victims’ bodies, prove that the officially proposed fuel-air explosion did not cause the crash. They also provide radar and forensic evidence proving that one or more ordinance explosions outside the aircraft caused the crash.”

Witnesses and confessions

What producer Stalcup referred to when he mentioned the “eyewitness statements” were the widely criticized “conspiracy theories” at the time from actual eyewitnesses. Many of those witnesses to Flight 800’s destruction, 736 in all, convincingly detailed how they saw a rocket or missile shoot up from the ground and hit the plane, causing it to explode in mid-air. The American media portrayed them as crackpots almost immediately. When the NTSB report came out blaming the explosion on wiring, it seemingly proved the corporate media right.

Many eyewitnesses were outraged and angered. It seemed like JFK’s assassination and the grassy knoll all over again. Witness statements were changed or ignored. And even some very respected people were intimidated into going along. As detailed by Yahoo News, one of them was a former Presidential aide for none other than President John F. Kennedy.

Describing the prominence of some of the TWA Flight 800 witnesses, the site writes, ‘In one particularly famous example, Pierre Salinger, a former Press Secretary for President John Kennedy and reporter for ABC News, claimed he’d seen proof that the US Navy shot down the plane and then covered it up.’

Now, seventeen years later, the truth is finally coming out. Among the guilty individuals coming forward to confess their involvement in the cover-up are highly respected men from various industries and fields. They each appear in the documentary telling their own, detailed, personal story. One was an NTSB investigator. One was a TWA investigator. And one was an Airline Pilots Association investigator. And all were forced by the FBI and the Justice Department to falsify their findings.

As detailed by The Daily Mail, each man tells his story in the documentary. Prior to the film’s release next month, they are only giving short statements. But those statements are shocking enough. One says, “The very next day [after the crash], the FBI came to speak to me and said, ‘you did not see that, you saw nothing’.” Another explains, “We weren’t allowed to talk about the TWA 800 investigation when we were inside. We had to retire first. That took a while.”

The Daily Mail account goes on to list some interesting facts about the TWA Flight 800 incident:

  • TWA Fight 800 exploded in mid-air off the coast of Long Island, NY on July 17, 1996 – just 12 minutes after it took off for Paris
  • All 230 people on board died, making it the third highest death toll from an aviation accident in US territory in history
  • Victims’ death certificates have not been finalized because ‘manner of death’ remains unknown
  • During the investigation, the FBI took over the case because a criminal act was suspected
  • Eyewitnesses reported seeing something go up quickly from the earth’s surface right before the explosion
  • Unexplained explosive residue was found throughout the wreckage
  • Investigation concluded that the crash was probably caused by an electrical short circuit that ignited fuel vapors in the jet’s center wing fuel tank
  • But the case is ‘pending inactive’ rather than closed

Lead FBI agent at the time criticizes film

When asked for comments regarding the film ‘Silenced: TWA Flight 800 and the Subversion of Justice’, various media reports present a hostile assortment of government officials who even today claim the officials story is one hundred percent accurate and there is no way a missile brought down the airliner, much less a US Navy missile. Chief among them is the FBI official who was the senior agent in charge of 80 other investigating FBI agents after the incident.

“If they felt that way back then, they could have come to me,” then lead FBI agent James Kalstrom said, “I was someone desiring to get to the bottom of this, believe me. And I had a reputation for not, you know, for not pussyfooting around. Yet it seems like they’ve comfortably waited until they have their pensions before they became whistle-blowers. So I think it’s a bunch of bullcrap.”

The documentary – TWA FLIGHT 800 – premieres on July 17, the anniversary of the crash, at 8PM ET on cable network EPIX.


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