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5 Useful Ideas to Keep Your Indoor Garden Pest Free

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Pests of all kinds are a problem in the home and garden. And while everyone knows the importance of keeping pests out of the house, every grower knows how important it is to keep them out of the garden. In this article, I will be sharing with you a few tips on how to keep them out of both your garden and every other part of your living space.

The smallest of pests such as flies, and bugs, can have a negative effect on the yield of your garden and also on your health. However, keeping them out of your life isn’t all that difficult according to pestcontrolpros.co.za  The information I will be sharing with you here will enlighten you on useful ideas to create your own indestructible indoor garden and home.

As gardeners and humans first, it is expected of us to be conscious about our health and environment by making use of organic and eco-friendly herbicides and pesticides when treating indoor plants. If you have plants in the home and are bothered about how to eliminate insects and rodents from chewing through your stems and leaves, here are 5 ways you can pest proof your garden.

1. Be on the lookout for Rodent Shelter

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Once you spot the signs of rats and mice droppings around the garden, the first defensive measure to employ is to check for their hideout.  This is usually among the tall grass, wood and leave piles. When you trim your garden, don’t leave the leaves and weeds lying around. Dispose of them properly to prevent rodents from taking refuge under the heaps.

Rodents know how to stay hidden and always look out for the thinnest of spaces to hide in. When you’ve inspected and eliminated every possible habitable location in your garden, the next step is to target the food sources.

2. Make it Difficult for Pests to Find Food

What mostly attracts pests to the garden is a constant supply of something to munch on. When you make it difficult to find food, they most likely will starve if they remain around the garden and house. Keep all bags and containers used to feed pets properly sealed and cleaned. It’s best you use metal bins for storage as rats are known to chew through plastic and cardboard.

If your garden is overgrown trees that bear fruit, you should try to rid the surroundings off littered fruits to not invite rats, squirrels, and the likes to feast on your crops.

3. Keep a Fence around Your Garden

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This is by far the safest thing you can do to keep rodents out of your garden. A wire mesh provides a good cover around your plants. You can also make use of strong fabric or zinc to construct a fence and keep rodents out.

Fences are effective against larger pests such as rabbits and gophers who come to steal your greens and make a mess. When installing a covering around the fence, ensure that it reaches the ground. This makes it difficult for larger pests to gain access when they burrow from outside the boundary.

You can also guard your seedlings against rats and gophers but placing a plastic mesh around the garden to protect them from damage.

4. Use a Mouse Trap

If you occasionally find your plants damaged when you inspect your garden, you might want to install a mouse trap or two to reduce the rodent population in your garden. Most of the best traps available are harmless to both humans and rodents as they are built mostly for catch and release.

When releasing trapped rodents, you need to do this far away from your home to prevent them from gaining access back into your garden.

5. Use Organic Pest Control Spray

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There are many sprays and poisons you can apply to your garden to reduce the presence of rodents around your space. When shopping for pest control, ensure that you purchase non-toxic herbicides and pesticides so you don’t endanger your plants, health and your immediate environment. When applying pesticides, it’s best to cover yourself properly to prevent contact with your skin. Also, keep your food covered and kids away from breathing the air around the garden.

Learn more about dealing with rodents and insects in the garden from pest control pros in Pretoria, who are more than willing to help you get rid of pests in your home and garden.