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5 Benefits of using solar power in your RV

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Most people have chosen to use RVs when going camping. There are many places that you can go camping. Some RV campsites have electrical hookups while others do not have. At times you might go to an RV campsite that has hookups but find that they are all booked.

In such cases, you will have to get another option to power your RV for an amazing time. There are two available main power options for your RV, either you go for a fuel generator or a solar generator.

A fuel generator will provide you with large power when on while an energy power system will give you steady power that will last long. So, what are the benefits of using renewable energy system in your RV?

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1. Cost-effective

Solar system will not cost you as much as a fuel generator will. The system is purchased just like any other and therefore you have an initial cost.

However, after you have installed you will not have to pay any maintenance costs or pay a running cost like in a generator where you will have to refuel every now and then.

Since the system is never moved from where it is installed, it does not have breakages. You can also get a panel that is not permanent on your RV and therefore when the RV is not in use you can use it at home. Click here for more info!

2. Ease of moving around

A big benefit of renewable energy system, it will allow you to move anywhere you want. Since the power can last long, you don’t have to worry about fuel and therefore the amount of time you spend outside popular campsites will not be a worry.

With this renewable power, you will be able to explore nature and even spend days out there. You will have power wherever you are so you can go boondocking.

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3. Friendly to the environment

Solar power has with time been developed to a level where all the components used are biodegradable after expiry. The system will be in use for up to 10 years. During operation, the solar system uses the most natural raw material available (sunlight).

Most people who go camping mind the environment to some level and therefore will avoid using a generator for the harm these engines cause. A generator produces carbon monoxide (a harmful gas) during operation.

4. Quiet and peaceful

In a renewable energy system, solar panels will charge batteries which then supply you with energy. Their operation produces no noise and is as silent as using electric power. This is the opposite of using a generator. Its engine will produce noise when operating.

Just imagine camping at the lakeside with your solar powered RV, the silence there will give you a very peaceful environment to reflect a lot in life.

With solar energy, you will not become that “disturbing neighbor” at an RV campsite.

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5. Saves on weight and space

RVers consider these two things very important when going for a weekend out. They have to do all they can since these vehicles are small and you need to carry what you need. A renewable power system doesn’t occupy a lot of space and it’s made of very light parts.

A renewable energy system will be installed on the roof of your RV and the batteries placed at a small area, unlike a generator which is made of heavy engines and has to occupy some space in your storage area.


Solar energy system is the ideal option for your RV. Quiet, clean, no operational costs, no maintenance costs, free of waste, you will get the power supply at any day for as long as you want, among many other advantages.