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363 days til the end of the world


December 23, 2012

363 Days til the End of the World

December 23, 2011. Chichen Itza. Today marks the first day of the last year of the current and final cycle of time, at least according to the ancient Mayans. We’ve all heard talk about the day December 21, 2012, and we’re going to hear a lot more. What exactly is supposed to happen on that day, less than a year away? Depending on who you ask, no less then eleven Earth-changing, possibly life-ending, global events. We at Whiteout Press took an in depth look at each of the prophesied coming occurrences and present a brief summary here.

What the US would look like if sea levels drastically rose.

First and foremost, most if not all Mayan scholars will agree that the Mayans never predicted anything. They weren’t in the business of foretelling future events, unless those events could be verified by the passing of time. And that’s what the Mayans were experts at – keeping time.

Not only did the ancient Mayans keep more accurate time than our current Gregorian system, but they also spanned eons into the past and future, further than modern Americans typically even think about. The civilization appeared in southern Mexico and Central America as early as 2,000 BC. They ruled their empire until 900 AD, where they were scattered by Spanish conquest, internal wars and the conquest of their neighbors. Mayans can still be found in numerous areas of their former homeland. What exists today is a merged culture that still incorporates the genes, customs and language of their ancient ancestors.

While the Mayan calendar theoretically spans an eternity, it is made up smaller calendars. Their system is much like ours – days inside of weeks, weeks inside of months, months inside of years, decades, centuries, etc. At the end of each cycle, small or large, the Mayans would hold a celebration and religious holiday. If they were still around today, they would be planning the grandest celebration their civilization has ever seen. For on December 21, 2012, the largest and longest-running cycle in the Mayan calendar will end – and so does the Mayan calendar.

So what happens? The Mayans didn’t say. Optimists insist a new cycle begins again, like always. Skeptics argue that the Mayans were experts on mankind’s time. If they say our time is going to end, perhaps we are going to end too. Regardless of recent, unverified reports, the Mayans never predicted any specific occurrences that would mark the date. That job has been left to our future civilizations, and we’ve come up with a bunch. Here is a brief summary of the 11 global catastrophes that could, or in some cases absolutely will, happen.

The 11 catastrophes of December 21, 2012. From the Whiteout Press Special Report – ‘The December 21, 2012 Doomsday Prophecy’.

The Great Galactic Alignment. Every 26,000 years, the planet Earth finds itself at the exact center, height-wise, of the entire Milky Way Galaxy. On that day, Earth will be aligned with more planets, stars and solar systems than at any other point in the 26,000 year cycle. Some also point to a suspected black hole at the center of our galaxy. And while a super black hole would control time and space as we humans know it, the Mayans understood the subject better than anyone.

The Mayan Pyramids. The Mayans were timekeepers. But they also built mysterious pyramids that rival the Egyptians’ half way around the world. Many explorers have wondered if the Mayans were trying to leave behind a message in the construction of the pyramids. The question was asked even more once someone counted the steps. The pyramid at Chichen Itza for instance, has four sides, like the four seasons of the year. Each side has 91 steps. The four sides plus the top step where all four sides intersect, add to 365 steps, just as in their, and our, calendar year.

Nostradamus. To clear things up immediately, it is a fact that Nostradamus never made a prediction for the specific date of December 21, 2012. The 16th century psychic used planetary alignments and other astronomical occurrences, like ‘the moon in Scorpio’. Most of his date references occur and reoccur over and over again. Some happen every ten years, while others occur every thousand years. And many last not one day, but long spans of time. But none are specifically assigned to that day in December. The way Nostradamus could fit into the whole 12/21/12 prophecy is with his predictions about near life-ending Earth changes that would coincide with other predictions about the coming day. His prophecies about world war three and the second coming of Christ would also correspond with the Bible’s version of the end times.

Solar Hyper Activity. This prediction about December 21, 2012 is just that – a prediction. But it is one of the few that is backed up by science and will definitely occur. The question is, how bad will it be? The sun is a living, breathing thing, just like the Earth. A ball of flammable gas, the sun expands and contracts. It shoots atomic fireballs off its surface and toward the orbiting planets like Earth on a regular basis. Every 11 years, the flame of the sun reach their closest to Earth. The next peak in solar activity is 2012. A good solar flare carries the same explosive energy as 100 billion Hiroshima bombs and the x-ray energy fired off gives little warning. A massive solar flare would reach the Earth in 8 minutes. Past solar flares have come so close to Earth they’ve destroyed our satellites.

Earth’s Pyramids. As already mentioned, the Mayans built their pyramids using ‘steps’. Those steps corresponded to their calendar, each having 365 days and steps. Pyramid hunters point to the hundreds of pyramids discovered in China, but never shown to the western world. According to the ancient legend, some Chinese believe the pyramids were built by past super-beings, possibly even extraterrestrials. These legends explain that the pyramids hide a secret code or message that foretells when those super-beings will be returning in the future, possibly December 21, 2012. A few even attempt to link the Great Pyramid in Egypt with the coming day. However, the argument always seems to depend on yet-to-be-discovered code that will lead to the legendary Chamber of Secrets. That chamber may, or may, not exist. And it may, or may not, contain secrets about 12/21/12.

Pole Shift. The Earth is made up of a dense core, surrounded by a layer of molten magma. On top of the ever-shifting magma lies the Earth’s continents. Most experts concede that a ‘pole shift’ would only involve moving the magnetic poles, not the physical ones. Continents wouldn’t be sliding across the globe like it were a sheet of ice. Past scientists like Albert Einstein and Charles Hapgood are the most well-known of those who’ve agreed to the pole shift theory. Others have studied the magnetic readings within rocks and confirmed that it’s a fact. The Earth’s magnetic poles reversing. Even NASA confirms the event occurs, putting the interval at 400,000 years. If the Earth’s magnetic poles did shift on 12/21/12, it would destroy the world’s entire electro-magnetic infrastructure. It would also make maps and compasses useless and satellite communications impossible.

Earth Changes. Global warming is real. The Earth is in fact heating up. It’s no secret that our planet goes through regular temperature shifts that bring in one ice age after another. We are currently at the tail end of the last ice age, meaning our temperatures are slowly getting warmer. At some point, the temperature increase will peak and the world will slowly reduce its temperature until it reaches its next ice age. The prediction tied to December 21, 2012 is the concept that small increases in temperatures will eventually tip the scales, creating massive catastrophes. The biggest example is the ‘Great Flood’ – not the Great Flood of the Bible or other historical cultures, but the Great Flood of 12/21/12. At some point, everyone agrees, the ice sheets will fall off Greenland and the North Pole, raising sea levels and ushering in the next Great Flood. They also suggest the introduction of so much cold fresh water into warm sea water would shut down the Gulf Stream and end summer as we know it, also ushering in the next ice age.

Planet X. Believers in Planet X have been around since the 1980’s when they said the US government discovered ‘Planet X’. The reason it’s being kept secret from all but a handful of the world’s most powerful men scattered throughout a small number of world’s governments, is because NASA plotted its orbit and determined it’s on a crash course with Earth. The idea that large planets orbit our sun on very irregular intervals isn’t new. 1970’s author Zecharia Sitchin documented the ancients’ belief in a planet containing human life that visited Earth every 3,600 years. Some even believe that man’s original homo sapien ancestors suddenly appeared 35,000 years ago when colonists from Planet X, the homo sapiens, colonized Earth and became us.

The Hopi. Living throughout the American southwest since 1,000 AD, the Hopi are descended from the Pueblo. Just like most civilizations in the region, including the Aztec, the Hopi told how they were visited by a great, white-haired, white man. They believed it was God, or a god-like super being. Many westerners believe it was an appearance of Jesus, while some believe it was a human, but extra-worldly, visitor. The Hopi legend says this white man will return again, when the end of their world is about to end. The Hopi legends give 9 signs that the end is near. All 9 signs have since come to pass, the last being, “a dwelling place in the heavens, above the Earth, that will fall with a great craxh. It will appear as a blue star”. Many believe that described the falling of the space station.

Galactic Super Wave. The Milky Way Galaxy is as flat as a pancake, but spun out like a pinwheel. At the center of the galaxy, controlling all movement of all the planets, stars and solar systems, is a massive amount of energy. Some believe it is a super black hole. Most don’t even attempt to speculate. What many scientists do agree on however, is that from time to time, massive explosions occur at the center of our galaxy. These explosions have been labeled, ‘Galactic Super Waves’. Since an explosion at the center of the galaxy would take millions of years to arrive here, believers say it’s not a matter of prophecy, it already occurred millions of years ago. We’re only waiting for the shock wave to hit.

The Bible. While the Christian Bible describes the end times in great detail, the scripture never says when it will occur. In fact, according to the Bible itself, only God knows the day and time. One obvious observation regarding the ‘end times’ is how similar the Bible accounts of Revelations are to Nostradamus’ description and even the Hopi prophecy. Some scholars even point to Biblical quotes like, ‘Behold, the Lord maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down’, suggesting that it is a description of the pole shift theory. While the Bible’s graphic description of the end of days overlaps with many of the others, again, the Bible insists that no many will know the day and time.

The above was taken from the Whiteout Press 16 page Special Report titled, ‘The December 21, 2012 Doomsday Prophecy’. Click here to order the full report.


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