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100 families their stories their fight against child protective services



100 Families, their Stories, their Fight against Child Protective Services

For the past three years, Whiteout Press has documented the ongoing fight of countless parents and grandparents struggling to get their children back from Child Protective Services. While some were simply bad parents, most seemed to be regular decent people. They lost their kids for praying, being vegetarian, home schooling, owning a firearm, being an abuse victim, being depressed, or simply being poor.

Here in one place is every article Whiteout Press has ever published on behalf of parents victimized by DCFS and Child Protective Services. Hopefully, it will help those terrified and desperate parents that are new to the CPS nightmare by sharing others’ experiences. Maybe this effort will even shine a brighter light on the corruption and over-reach of a government agency out of control.

If nothing else, it will remind those heartbroken and desperate parents that they are not alone in this fight. There are 100,000 victimized families out there fighting right alongside them.


Family wages 5-year Battle to get Kids back from AZ DCFS (8/26/14)

Parents ready to overthrow DCFS to get Kids back (9/22/14)

More DCFS-CPS Child removal Horror Stories (10/20/14)

US Families call on World Court to investigate DCFS/CPS (1/27/15)

Canary Stories #1 – Misapprehension (2/5/15)

Canary Stories #2 – Reconsideration (2/16/15)

Canary Stories #3 – Injustice (2/22/15)

Canary Stories #4 – State of Emergency in Vermont (3/3/15)

Anonymous launches Operation Expose CPS (3/6/15)

So Cal march against CPS, new Website launched (3/20/15)

Angel Warrior Moms – when Prayers become Poems (4/19/15)

Canary Stories #5 – North Carolina Chaos (4/25/15)

10 more Desperate Letters from Parents – “CPS stole my Kids!” (5/7/15)

Parents victimized by DCFS-CPS create Political Party (6/24/15)

Canary Stories #6 – Shattered beyond all Recognition (7/7/15)

Open Letter to America and DCFS from Victimized Mom (9/23/15)

TX DCFS kidnaps Kids because Parents went to the Media (11/17/15)

Film ‘Erasing Dad’ exposes the War on Fathers (12/9/15)

Canary Stories #9 – Terroristic Divorce, a Mother’s Endurance (2/17/16)

Help! DCFS stole my kids – 10 more CPS Horror Stories (4/29/16)

Canary Stories #10 – Abducted in Australia (9/13/16)

Canary Stories #11 – Unbridled Injustices (10/2/16)

Canary Stories #12 – A Voice for Riley (12/1/16)

A Cry for Justice (1/27/17)

Family Court War on Families (2/9/17)

Child Services pulls out all the Tricks on one desperate Mom (3/20/17)

Child Protective Services uses Children as Currency

DCFS-CPS Tactics and Philosophy are the same as Nazi Germany

Free Wendy Greene – the Angel Warrior Poem

Why Family Courts and CPS target Fit Parents





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